Early Registration Tutorial

UNCW Early-Registration Advising

For Early College Students

Students who attended an Early College High School program often come to UNCW with significant college credits, even earning their Associates degree. Although you have already taken a lot of courses and are familiar with how college may work, we ask that you still review the whole tutorial. This information is specific to UNCW graduation requirements, registration, and policies.

The purpose of Early Registration is to become familiar with UNCW requirements and policies prior to orientation and to practice with the registration system, possibly registering for a few classes. This is not your only chance to register, and more seats will be open at orientation, so please do not worry and become anxious. Advisors will be working with you at orientation to approve and finalize your schedule, and advisors will be available by phone during early registration to answer your questions.

University College (UC) provides academic advising and support to all first-year students, including Early College students. Even if you know what you want to major in, you will be assigned to UC for your first two semesters before officially declaring and being advised by that academic department. UC advisors can assist you towards meeting major and graduation requirements so you will not be behind. UC advisors also assist students in major and career exploration, goal setting, campus resources, and other strategies for success as new students at UNCW. Advisors will contact you prior to orientation and will work with you at orientation to plan for spring classes.

Early Registration Info for Early College Students:

Please review all tutorials in the Early Registration website. However, here is some additional information specific for Early College students as you go through Early Registration and prepare for orientation.

University Studies:

Even with an Associate's Degree, you may have other University Studies (general education) requirements to meet for graduation. For a list of University Studies requirements, required of all students, visit http://www.uncw.edu/uc/advising/unistudies.html and view the University Studies video tutorial.

If you have your AA/AS, you will be meeting requirements for all categories EXCEPT the following. If you have taken the exact equivalent of these courses or courses within the categories, you will not have to take them. These may be things to register for in the Fall.
  • PED 101 - many EC students take PE and health courses at their schools, but you must have taken the PED 101 equivalent (PED 110/111/112 at the community college) to earn credit.
  • Foreign Language - must take 101-102 sequence in language other than high school language OR take up to 201 proficiency if you are continuing the language you took in high school. Many EC students only take the 101 and 102 courses (111/112 at the community colleges) and will need to take the 201 course at UNCW.
  • UNI 101: First-Year Seminar: Every EC student has to register for this course (except Isaac Bear students). This would be a good option for Early Reg. For more info on UNI 101 and options, see the tutorial.
  • Living in our Diverse Nation category (see choices on Univ Studies list) - unless you have taken exact equivalent courses
Major Requirements:

Even if you have earned your Associate's Degree, it doesn't necessarily mean that you only have two more years of college left. There are some majors that require a separate admissions process, prerequisite courses, and/or a tight sequence of courses. Therefore, it may be appropriate for you to begin major coursework in the Fall. For a list of all UNCW majors with entrance requirements, visit http://www.uncw.edu/uc/advising/degrees.html. Updated information for students entering Fall 2016 will be updated to these websites soon.

Transcripts, Transferring Credits, and Course Equivalencies:

UNCW will evaluate your college transcripts prior to early registration - for whatever you have sent in - so courses in progress or not included on your previous transcripts will not be included on your UNCW transcript yet. Prerequisite courses for UNCW classes must be listed on UNCW transcript for you to register for the next course during Early Registration, so you may have to wait until orientation to register for some classes.

To view your UNCW transcript to see how your college courses transferred to UNCW, you can check your transcript at https://seanet.uncw.edu/TEAL/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin and follow the Log In instructions. Then select "Student Services and Fin Aid," then "Student Records," then "Unofficial Transcript."

Please send final official transcripts to UNCW, Office of the Registrar, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5618 prior to orientation or as soon as possible. If you are receiving your Associates Degree, the date conferred must also be posted on your transcript to have appropriate University Studies courses waived. You will have time to get in your transcripts after Early Registration to register for other courses at orientation.

To see how your college coursework will transfer into UNCW and possibly meet some of your requirements, see the Transfer Credit Equivalency chart at http://appserv02.uncw.edu/dasapps/transfer_articulation/.

Fall Courses:

For the fall, you will likely be taking some University Studies and major courses, paying attention mostly to the admission requirements for your major. Most students register for 15-16 hours/semester and take classes all days of the week at various times. It may be difficult in your first semester to have the ideal schedule and/or your first choice of classes. However, all students will register for classes that are appropriate for graduation.

Major and Career Exploration:

UNCW offers over 50 majors and numerous minors. You may already know what you want to major in or you may have no idea, either is completely fine. You may also change your mind once you start at UNCW. Talk with advisors at orientation about your interest areas for appropriate course selection, and work with advisors should have questions about majors once you arrive. You will not officially declare your major until after two semesters at UNCW (although you can work on the requirements in the meantime), so you will have time to decide. However, depending on how many transfer credits you have and what your graduation timeline is, you may need to decide as early as possible. UNCW has an excellent Career Center to assist students in making their major and career decisions - http://www.uncw.edu/career/.