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University College is located in DePaolo Hall, room 1092. Call us at (910) 962-3245 or email

If you have questions during Early-Registration, an advisor will be on-call from

  • December 8th from 10:00am- 5:00pm
  • December 9th-12th from 8:00am-5:00pm

Parents, please have your student call to ask questions regarding their future courses. Since students will be taking the courses and not parents, we want students to take initiative to ask questions about their future.

If students are unable to call, they should email us with their questions.

FYSA Registration Tips

  • Do not register for a class that you have or will have credit for.

Send your official transcripts and/or test scores to UNCW for official review for credit. Once these are reviewed, they will be posted to your UNCW transcript on SeaNet (under “Student Records”).  Your transcript will show what UNCW course credits you will be receiving based on your transfer / AP credits. You can then compare this to the University Studies/major requirements to see what you already have credit for.

If your credits aren’t posted to your transcript yet, you can find out if the course is a match for a UNCW college course through the online Transfer Credit Equivalency tool. Only after your course is completed, and the official transcript of grades is received at the Office of the Registrar, will an exact evaluation of transfer credit be possible. Find out what transfer credit you could receive based on the minimum score on an AP exam.

If there is a course in question, do not register for it and wait until your transcript is updated.

  • Have official transcripts and/or test scores sent to UNCW.

After you complete courses at another college, please be sure to send an official copy of your transcript to the UNCW Office of the Registrar at 601 S. College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5618. Once transcripts are received, they will be officially evaluated for UNCW equivalent transfer credit, and courses and credits will be posted to your UNCW transcript.  This process of posting to a transcript is not immediate and may take some time. You can check your UNCW transcript on SeaNet under “Student Records” to make sure the credits show.

  • You must have courses posted to your UNCW transcript in order to register for a higher-level course that requires that previous course. 

If you try to register for a course that requires a prerequisite, you will get an error message, unless you have taken that course equivalent AND the credit has been posted to your UNCW transcript. It MUST be posted to your transcript for you to register. For instance, if you have taken PSY 105, which is the prerequisite for 200-level Psychology courses, you must have the transcript/test score sent and posted to your transcript to officially meet this prerequisite and register for the next higher-level course.

  • Placement Tests – If you have earned credit for a math and/or foreign language course at another institution, you may not need to take the placement test since you will be building off of these credits. However, the math you will need is often dependent on your major, and you may have to take a math that your previous course doesn’t prepare you for.  Therefore, it is recommended that all students take the math placement test at orientation.

  • Do not panic!

There will be classes available for you in the Spring.  More courses will likely be available at orientation. Advisors will also be available at orientation to help you decide what courses you should take and the Early Registration tutorial will also help you understand these requirements.  You can contact an advisor for assistance during early registration at 910-962-3245.


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