First Appointment Procedures

When students initially signs up for tutoring, they have the ability to schedule 4 appointments (over a 2 week time period). So, by the end of the first session, it is important that you:

Tutor / Tutee Agreement

  1. Advise the tutee of ULC policies by reviewing (and having tutee sign) the "Tutor/Tutee Agreement"
  2. Review the "Effective Learning Services Tutoring Session" page with tutee
  3. Determine whether the tutee wants a recurring appointment or a one-time appointment
  4. At the end of the first appointment:
    • (for recurring tutees) Check your Tutor Trac schedule to make tutee's desired day/time is available
    • Go to the front desk with your tutee
    • Give front desk staff the appropriate part of the "Tutor/Tutee Agreement"
    • Make sure everyone (you, tutee, and front desk staff) understands the tutee's scheduling status

First Appointment Reminders

Scheduling Reminders

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