Learning Services Tutor Resouces

Below are several resources for new and returning LS tutors. The most important is our Tutor Handbook which provides you with everything you need to know to start tutoring at the ULC. The other resources can you help you become a better informed and more effective tutor.

TutorTrac Log-In

TutorTrac Log-In

Tutor Handbook:

The Handbook for All ULC Tutors

The Handbook for Learning Services Tutors

The Handbook for Academic Mentors


Productive Tutoring Techniques. North Carolina State University Undergraduate Tutorial Center -click "eight modules" link

Online Tutor Training Project - American River College & City College of San Francisco

Tutee Assessment Rubric & Access to Survey for Tuttees

Tutee Assessment Rubric Spring 2014

ACCESS to Tutee Surveys Spring 2014

TT Notes page for an example of notes

Student-Athlete Forms

It is the responsibility of the student-athletes to:

  • Identify themselves as student-athletes to tutors
  • Initiate the Student-Athlete Tutor Report process
  • Initiate the Student-Athlete Objective Sheet process
  1. Student-Athlete Tutor Report (link below): needs to be completed for EVERY student athlete session.
    • Student-Athlete completes page 1 at the beginning of the session
    • Tutor Completes page 2 at the end of the session
    • From your TutorTrac notes, copy and paste the "Observations of the Session" part into student-athlete form's "Summary of the Session"
      • Keep in mind that Athletic Advisors will see this info
    • http://appserv01.uncw.edu/SelectSurveyNET//TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=8l3I6mm3
  2. Student-Athlete Objective Sheet: only for student-athletes for whom study hall is mandatory.
    • This paper form is written documentation that the student has attended your session.
    • In the "Objectives" column, the student will write something like, "attended PSY 105 tutoring," and the date. Tutor signs where it says, "Completed objective approved by"
    • Student Athlete Objective sheet

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