Training Requirements

The University Learning Center tutor training program is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. The CRLA is a member of CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) and is an internationally recognized tutor program certification association. Tutor certification heightens the prestige of your tutoring experience. CRLA certification is also recognized by the Association for the Tutoring Profession. Tutors are encouraged to seek individual certification through this organization.

All tutors must earn CRLA Regular Certification before the end of their first semester. **

Any tutor hired within three weeks of the start of the semester must achieve certification in that same semester.  Any tutor hired after this three week period has the option of waiting until the middle of the following semester to certify but will be required to fulfill some requirements during the semester of their initial employment.

The following table outlines the training requirements. Once tutors complete the "Orientation" and "Participant Observation" obligations, they are eligible to lead their own sessions. The rest of the requirements are ongoing.





Introduction to mission, policies, procedures, and requirements.

Conducted the day before classes start each semester.

Orientation typically lasts lasts 2-3 hours.

Participant Observation

Observation of two tutoring sessions lead by experienced tutors, preferably in your subject.

The ULC staff will assist you in scheduling these observations.

Reflective Writing Assignment

An informal assignment about any aspect of your tutoring experience.   A prompt will be provided.

Hard copy or email attachment should be sent to the LS Coordinator by the assigned due date.

Workshops & Staff Meetings

Relevant workshops and meetings are scheduled throughout the semester. A schedule will be provided.

Topics include "The Psychology of Tutoring," "Learning Styles," The Pedagogy of Tutoring," etc.

Coordinator Observation & Conference

The LS Coordinator observes one of the tutor's sessions and meets with the tutor afterwards for a conference.

The LS Coordinator will conduct an observation with all new tutors and with veteran tutors as time allows.

Peer Tutor Analysis

Observe a fellow tutor during a session and write a brief critical analysis of the consultation. A prompt will be provided.

Hard copy or email attachment should be sent to the LS Coordinator by the assigned due date.

Research Project =

(Research Paper or Oral Research Presentation) and

Poster Presentation

Tutors will have the option of producing a research paper OR a an oral research presentation; all tutors will produce a research proposal and a final poster.

Details about this project will be presented later in the semester.

** The University Learning Center also offers the optional Advanced and Masters level certification training. See specific ULC Coordinators for further information.

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