Group Sessions

Group sessions can be very useful for students in the same courses or the same situation.  However, it can be challenging for the Mentor to appeal to all the students; therefore, being aware of the needs of all the group members can help greatly.  Though there is not a “best” approach for any particular group, below are some suggestions.

1.  Arrive at least ten minutes early to set up the room for a larger group and to make sure all the members have time to sign in and for you to introduce yourself.

2.  Begin by getting to know the students’ names, main reason for coming to the session, their biggest issues, and their hardest courses.  Have them all openly share with you and each other.  Many times, you may be surprised to find that there will be many commonalities with their issues and courses.

3.  Cater the session to everyone, making sure to touch on all of the major issues they mentioned earlier.

4.  Make sure that you talk to all the group members—do not isolate anyone.  Make it interactive and ask all of their opinions and strategies on the topics you are discussing. 

5.  Have students write down information that you and their peers provide.  Encourage them to stop you and have you repeat concepts if they get behind.

6.  There are no set agendas to have for a group, but often group members struggle with similar issues:

7.  If needed, encourage them to come back for more one-on-one help with you after they have implemented some of the strategies discussed during the session.   Also encourage them all to come back to the ULC for tutoring in subject specific areas. 

8.  Remember, every group will be different.  Plan ahead with some general strategies, but then find out at the beginning of the session what the members most need help with and go from there. 

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