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Getting Started as a Web Content Manager

The departmental Web content manager is the person responsible for the way the department is viewed by students, potential students, scholars, donors, alumni and others. The department's perceived value, expertise and authority often depends on how your website is presented.

Choosing a Web Content Manager

Outdated design and information, spelling and grammatical errors, errors in fact, dead links, broken applications, confusing navigation, inaccessibility, and other problems reflect poorly on the department, the division and the university. Assigning Web content manager duties to someone who is brand new or who will only be working for a few weeks is not recommended.

It is important that the department Web content manager be an experienced employee with a good grasp of the mission and vision and values of the department, the division and the university. This person should also have the technical and organizational skills necessary to present a positive image through the departmental website. This person should have excellent written and verbal communications skills as well as the ability to use a video or written tutorial and apply it. With the ability to find information, the Web content manager can learn what they need to know in order to write and troubleshoot.

Essential Knowlege and Skills

The Web content manager should have a basic knowledge of HTML in order to recognize the tags used with Adobe Contribute. This person should know the UNCW Web publishing policies and procedures. A basic knowledge of the website structure is essential. This knowledge will not only enable the content manager to create pages, but to do basic troubleshooting and provide an explanation of the problem when there is an issue. Basic skills required for a web content editor.

The Web content manager must complete mandatory Web Content Manager training. Other training is encouraged to maintain and enhance skills in Contribute, Photoshop, Acrobat or other software.

The Web content manager must have a good understanding of the Adobe Contribute software and its use. Additionally, access to and knowledge of how to use image editing software such as Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop or Windows photo editors, is recommended for providing and optimizing graphics and images.

The Web content manager should also be committed to keeping the website current and accurate as well as developing knowledge and expertise in the area of Web publishing.

It is a good idea to give these duties to an experienced employee or graduate student worker with the requisite knowledge. It is not a good idea to entrust your department's public image to temporary and undergraduate student workers, or employees with no knowledge of Web publishing.

These are some resources for the new (or experienced) Web Content Manager:

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