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Web Template Designs and Styles

These division level designs are available to Divisions (Student Affairs, ITSD, Advancement, etc.), Schools (Cameron School of Business, Watson School of Education, etc.), and Colleges (College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health and Human Services, etc.).

Template A

Template N (May also be used for a self-branded department home page)
division home pageTemplate A

division home page variation

Template N

Template B

Template F

division interior page

template B

division landing page or interior pageTemplate F

These templates are for departments or units under the brand of the division.

Template C

(For units under the division. Links at top come from the division home page)

Template D

(May also be used as a department or office home page, under the brand of the division)

Template E

(May also be used as a department or office home page, under the brand of the division)

co-branded department home page

Template C

co-branded department 2-column interiorTemplate D co-branded department 3-column interiorTemplate E

These templates are for stand-alone department-level websites. They are for entities that do not need to appear under the division's banner. They would be most appropriate for academic and administrative departments, programs, offices, services, etc. They are "self-branded."

Template J Template L Template O
self-branded department home pageTemplate J department home page variationTemplate L

department home page variation

Template O

These are self-branded department-level interior pages.

Template H (May also be used as a home page. There is no highlight area.) Template I (May also be used as a home page.)
self-branded department 2-column interior self-branded department 3-column interior

These templates are for special cases.

Template K (For indexes, lists, directories, etc. The center section is a table, which can be styled in many different ways.)

Template G (For special programs only.)

gateway page

portal site home page

Portal page template