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Resources for Web Content Managers

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Web Content Manager Training

  • Log in to mySeaport
  • Click SkillPort CBT
  • Click Browse the Library
  • Select UNCW Content Manager Training

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How To:

(Some links point to external resources.)

Take the required web content manager and editor training.

  • Log in to mySeaport
  • Click SkillPort CBT
  • Click Browse the Library
  • Select UNCW Content Manager Training

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Interpret your Google Analytics report

Ask for a report by sending an email message to the TAC. When you get your report, you will be able to see who and how people have visited your website, what they did during their visit and much more. Here is a guide to interpreting your report. About your Google Analytics Report (PDF)

Get your website or web page ready for publication

Please use this checklist to make sure your new website or web page is ready to be published on the production server. This should speed things up for you. Checklist for a Completed UNCW Website (PDF)

Get higher search results for your page

Here is some information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you are interested in learning more about how you can improve your search results.

Revert back to an earlier version of your page, using Contribute.

  • Browse to the Web page you need to restore
  • Choose File and then Actions. You have the choice to “Roll back to previous version.” This feature stores the three most recent versions of every Web page on your site. You can view them by clicking on the date and time they were published.
  • Select the version you would like to restore and then click Roll Back. This will immediately remove the current version of this page published online and restore it to the earlier version.
  • NOTE: If you are using something other than Adobe Contribute to edit your website, you won't be able to roll your pages back. You should probably save an archive copy of your previous page on your local computer.

Get help with your website

Buy a copy of Adobe Contribute, Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Purchase Information

Web server access request for graduate students

Request to Grant Graduate Student Access to Website Directory (PDF)

Set up a manual connection in Contribute

Request a website project

See who has linked to your site

Google advanced search operator

Use Best Practices

Edit and enhance your website

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