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Web Content Manager Training

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  • Click SkillPort CBT
  • Click Browse the Library
  • Select UNCW Content Manager Training

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Basic Skills for Web Publishers at UNCW

At a minimum, Web content managers and editors at UNCW must be able to:

    1. Edit and publish an existing page, using Adobe Contribute.
    2. Create a new page from "copy of current page."
    3. Insert images and add alt text to an image, in an HTML page.
    4. Properly align an image either left or right with text flowing around it.
    5. Search for an image within their website.
    6. Resize images, resample images, and Save for Web.
    7. Find images from the university photographer.
    8. Add page title, keywords and descriptions to web pages.
    9. Form an acceptable file name.
    10. Form an acceptable page title.
    11. Edit the navigation include.
    12. Edit the Maintained by include.
    13. Add a correctly formed hyperlink to an HTML page.
    14. Place a table into an HTML page.
    15. Insert an HTML snippet into an HTML page.
    16. Create a link to and upload a PDF document.
    17. Find their web folder (web directory) on the server.
    18. Make a manual Adobe Contribute connection.

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