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Resources for Your Personal or Student Organization Website

The computing resources at UNCW are intended to assist and enable the institution to carry out its mission of education, research and public service. However, the university recognizes the value of the exchange of information and personal expression between members of the university community and the world. In order to enhance the educational experience, every student, faculty member and staff member is entitled to a personal website on our student or people web server. Student organizations may also have a website hosted on our student server.

These websites are subject to the university's policies on web publishing and responsible use of our electronic resources. Each individual assumes full legal and moral responsibility for the content of their websites. They must abide by all applicable local, state and federal laws, including laws of libel and copyright.

You must:

You may not:

  • Use your website for commercial activity. This includes running any type of private business or affiliate marketing through your website
  • Use your website for non-university related fundraising or advertising
  • Host websites for non-university related organizations
  • Use the university's name in any way that implies university endorsement of other organizations, causes, products or services. Use of the UNCW seal, logo or trademarks requires the permission of University Relations.


Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions:

  • You are responsible for creating and maintaining your website as well as writing and updating the content.
  • You may request that others be given access to your web folder. What they do with that access is your responsibility.
  • It is highly recommended that you become familiar with HTML, XHTML, CSS and your image editing and web design software.
  • There are thousands of free web site templates available on the internet.
  • You are responsible for providing your own images and vector graphics. Avoid using large graphics. Learn to optimize your graphics and always crop, resize and resample your graphics in an image editing program. Don't use the HTML graphic "size" elements for this purpose. Whenever possible, use the original graphic to modify and export it as a GIF, JPG or PNG.
  • Do not "hot link" to graphics or content from other websites.
  • Before publishing, make sure there are no spelling, grammar, typographical or factual errors in your content. Make sure all links are active and accurate. Make sure you do not link to dangerous web sites containing malware or other undesireable content.
  • Remember that once you have published your website, the content is no longer private. Assume that it is going to remain available forever somewhere.
  • Do not publish personally identifying material or sensitive information about you or anyone else.
  • It is not possible to host a WordPress blog on our servers.
  • You will not have access to any database services on our servers.
  • To create your website, use an WYSIWYG web page editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Studio, or CoffeeCup. There are also many free editors available. If you know HTML and CSS, you may hand code your website, using Notepad or other text editor.
  • If you have a third party create your site for you, make sure it adheres to these policies. Then have the developer give you the files to place in your personal web directory on the server. Non-UNCW employees or students do not have access to UNCW servers.

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