Holiday Party at Hillcrest

On December 13, 2008, we had a party to celebrate the children's, the tutors', and the Research Team's hard work together. It was quite an event. We ordered thirty pizzas (all were eaten); Chancellor DePaolo sent a lovely cake (which the children were eyeing even as they ate their pizza); we awarded certificates of accomplishment to the children (four of them graduates), and certificates of appreciation to our sponsors and supporters. Jess MacDonald organized a book drive, aligning UNCW student sponsors with each of our children. The sponsors agreed to buy and wrap two books per child; Jess had asked each of our kids what they liked to read about most, and provided that information to the sponsors. In addition, Jess and I raided the toy shelves at the Dollar Store and got a couple of toys for each of the kids. Eric and Raven put together a wonderful Power Point Slide Show of photos from the first semester of the Program; the slides scrolled past to the soundtrack tune, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." The children liked the show so much, we showed it again toward the end of the party. Also, Steve Demski, Vice-Chancellor for Public Service gave a brief presentation to the parents about UNCW's innovative "Project Soar" -- a program that makes it possible for low-income students to attend college tuition-free. It was a terrific way to wrap up the first installment of the Hillcrest Reading Program.

chancellors celebration cake

Chancellor DePaolo arranged to have a cake made for the celebration. The children loved it, of course!

steve demski and jess

Jess and Vice-Chancellor for Public Service talking about the Reading Program.

christmas party 12 13 2009 christmas party 12 13 09

christmas party 12 13 09

One of the tutors, joking with the kids with whom she worked.

christmas party 12 13 09

Reading her new Dr. Seuss book at the Holiday Party.

christmas 12 13 09

christmas party 12 13 09

Jess and John serving pizza to the kids.

christmas 12 13 09 john kim marla

Marla, John, and Kim as the party was winding down.

christmas party 12 13 08

Eric, giving a short presentation to the parents, on the Reading Program and why we're doing it.

eric and ravens power point

Other than the cake and the pizza, easily the biggest "hit" of the day was the amazing slide show of first semester photos from the program. Eric and Raven put the slide show together, and the kids and parents loved it; we all did!

steve and carrington

Steve Demski, talking with the older brother of two of the children in the Program, about Project Soar and his college plans. This young man brings his younger sibling to the program every day, and helps us dole out pickles to the kids at the end of the tutoring sessions. All he asks in return is a pickle for himself -- which he gets, of course.

seuss reader 2

Still enthralled with her Dr. Seuss book.

eating pizza 12 13 09
getting tired at party 12 13 09 christmas party 12 13 09
christmas part 12 13 09 christmas party 12 13 09

pickle dance christmas

This little girl is preparing to show everyone her now-famous (at Hillcrest) "Pickle Dance."

john and marty christmas 12 13 09

The senior members (very senior, as our younger colleagues are fond of pointing out to us any chance they get) of the Hillcrest Reading Program Research Team, Marty Kozloff and John Rice, cooling their heels before the Holiday Party begins.

Early arrivals christmas 08 whitney and kid
kim with three of the kids getting his christmas books
christmas book Opening her christmas books
happy with her new books tutor and kid with christmas book
tutor and kid with new christmas book new books for christmas
happy with her books happy with new christmas book
huge spiderman fan raven and one of the HC kids
christmas grin tutor with child reading new book together
reading new book together

cake on her face

She loved the Chancellor's cake.


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