Presentation to the New Hanover Human Relations Commission: January 26, 2009

At the invitation of Mr. Carl Byrd, President of the New Hanover County Human Relations Commission, Jess MacDonald and I presented an overview of the Hillcrest Reading Program. After I briefly explained that we began the Program in response to the large and enduring achievement gap between black and white children in New Hanover County Schools (see the second slide in the presentation, "Learning to Read at Hillcrest"), Jess explained how the Program is structured, who are our children and tutors, and the logistical details, as well as longer-term plans. I then went over the early results of our progress testing.

A brief overview of the research will be helpful to make better sense of the presentation linked above. The research is a straightforward pre-test, post-test experimental design. In September of 2008, we administered one or two of three quick, and empirically validated, tests of children's reading skills, to determine where they should be placed in the 100 Easy Lessons curriculum. The tests are called DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills).

Photos From the New Hanover County Human Relations Commission Presentation -- January 26, 2009
NHC HRF Presentation 1 26 09
NHC HRC Presentation 1 26 09
Jess at NHC HRC Presentation 1 26 09
NHC HRC Presentation


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