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Come celebrate the North Carolina Science Festival with the Watson College of Education's STEM Learning Cooperative - and lots of robots! Bee-Bots (grades K-2), Ozobots (grades 2-4), Pro-Bots (grades 3-8), Sphero bots (grades 4-high school), Lego Mindstorms (grades 5- high school), and Cozmo robots (all ages) will be on hand to engage students in understanding robotics and simple programming through a variety of fun, hands-on activities. Robotism Rocks will provide special education students, particularly those with ASD, hands-on opportunities to explore and program robots.

Explore robot art and create your own masterpieces. Discover careers that use robots. Meet educators, scientists and engineers who will be on site to help engage students with the robots. This event has been planned with the guidance of special education professionals. Register your student or a classroom full of students to participate. There is no charge for this event. April 7 from 10am-3:30pm. Register at