Academic Affairs

Major Initiatives:

Academic Affairs Leadership Development Workshop Series

Series of workshops developed for academic department chairs, school directors, and associate deans that provide resources, foster networking and community-building, and expand knowledge and skills. Workshops are held throughout the year and each is facilitated by an expert in the field. The first in the series, 'Cultivating Academic Leaders', was held on August 5, 2014 and the next workshop is planned for November and will focus on faculty and staff recruitment, retention, and support. Click here for SharePoint site (login required) to the first workshop held August 5th, 2014. Contact: Denise Battles.

Faculty Roles, Responsibilities & Rewards (FR3)

Study current UNCW roles and rewards systems and recommend a model for faculty workload assignment that responds to productivity needs and supports faculty success in alignment with our mission. Learn more from the FR3 webpage or the FR3 SharePoint site (login required). Contact committee Co-Chairs: Kathy Browder and Mark Galizio.

Online Accelerated Program (OAP)

UNCW's innovative RN to BS in Nursing program is a fully accredited, accelerated online program providing registered nurses with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully compete and advance into high-demand healthcare areas. The program allows multiple admission points throughout the year and schedules classes in six mini-mesters. Further information is available at the RN to BS in Nursing web site. Contact: Carol Heinrich

Post-Tenure Review

In partnership with Faculty Senate leadership, revise UNCW's existing post-tenure review criteria so that they are consistent with recently revised UNC Policy 400.3.3 and 400.3.3.1[G] and submitting the campus' proposed documents by May 29, 2015. The various documents and materials are available at the Faculty Senate SharePoint site (login required). Contact: Denise Battles or Gabriel Lugo

QEP (ETEAL) Implementation

Successful implementation of Summer Institute, ALTC Fellows, pedagogy initiatives, and assessment of results. Click here for the QEP website. Contact Jess Boersma or Martin Posey

Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Revision

The Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Revision Committee was charged with responding to the recommendations of the 2011 ad-hoc RTP report, incorporating any recommendations from the Faculty Senate Evaluations Committee and considering any other major or minor revisions to the RTP process. The various documents, revisions, survey results, and associated materials are available at the Faculty Senate SharePoint site (login required). Contact: Gabriel Lugo

S&BS Building Renovation

On-time and within-budget renovation that addresses campus' highest space priorities and affected units' needs. Click here for SharePoint site (login required). Contact: Steve McFarland

Strategic Action Planning

Strategic plan that focuses on those priorities that will aid the university in adapting to new challenges. It is responsive to the UNC System's Strategic Directions 2013-18 Plan (Our Time Our Future). Click here to view the Strategic Action Plan Draft (July 25, 2014 version). Contact: Denise Battles for more information.

Strategic Space Utilization, Management, and Scheduling (SSUMS)

Development of an acceptable plan for maximizing the effectiveness of UNCW's space utilizing, management, and scheduling. Click here for SharePoint site (login required). Contact: Steve McFarland, Brian Victor, or Bob Fraser

Summer Innovation Initiative

Study and recommend an action plan for restructuring the institution's summer programs. Click here to view Task Force report. Contact: Charlie Hardy

Undergraduate Student Success

Study and recommend action-steps for: 1) enhancing undergraduate student success and 2) positioning UNCW to meet student success-related performance funding goals. The committee's work will be mindful of the need for institutional compliance with the UNC system's recently approved Fostering Undergraduate Student Success policies (400.1.5, 400.1.5[G], and 400.1.5 [R]). Contact: Terry Curran or Martin Posey