Legacy Pinning Ceremony

UNCW Legacies

What is a UNCW Legacy?

Being a UNCW legacy is about carrying on the Seahawk tradition that has been in your family for years. A student who has a parent, grandparent, or sibling who has also attended UNCW is a legacy.

Celebrating UNCW Family Tradition

Legacy PinsThe Legacy Pinning Ceremony takes place early in the school year during Family & Alumni Weekend. When that pin is placed on a legacy student we all celebrate. It can be an emotional and significant moment to have a family member following in your footsteps. Legacy students and their families are also encouraged to attend a Future Seahawks Legacy Reception at the Wise Alumni House on Seahawk Preview Day.

Photos from the Legacy Pinning Ceremony

Legacy Admissions

On the UNCW application for admission, prospective students can indicate that they have a parent, grandparent or sibling who attended or is currently attending UNCW. A student's legacy connection is highlighted during Admissions Committee when final decisions are made. Students will not be admitted solely on their legacy connection, however, the Office of Admissions does utilize this as a tipping factor during the application review.

Legacy Scholarships

Two Alumni Legacy Scholarships are awarded annually to an incoming or currently enrolled undergraduate legacy student. The scholarship is to recognize and honor the tradition of making UNCW a family tradition. The recipient is selected by the Alumni Association Awards & Scholarship Selection Committee of the Alumni Board of Directors and funded by the UNCW License Plate Program. The Alumni Association Awards & Scholarship Selection committee also awards18 other scholarships and a student's legacy affiliation is taken into consideration when selecting those recipients.