Communication Studies

Becoming a Communication Studies Major

In order to become a Communication Studies major, one must first pass through our gateway courses and declare an interest in our major. A student may declare Pre-Communication Studies (PCOM) major, through mySeaport, after earning a minimum 24 semester credit hours and a grade of "B" or above in COM 105: Introduction to Communication Studies. A PCOM Major may declare Communication Studies (COM) major, through mySeaport, by earning a grade of "B" or above in COM 200: Research Methods. All UNCW and transfer students are subject to this gateway at the time of application.

More information about the PCOM Gateway can be found by revisiting our Admissions page or by clicking the following link; Admissions. For more information on how to change your major, follow the links below.

PCOM Application and Information

The following are links to beneficial documents to help you depending on what stage of the gateway you are in.