Communication Studies

COM Alumni Spotlight

We would love for you to nominate yourself for our COM Alumni Spotlight. It's easy! Just answer a few questions and send us a photo of yourself utilizing your communication skills. You may elect to send a photo of you on the job, doing volunteer work, or interacting with family and friends. Please note--we reserve the right to use any or all of your answers and/or photo on our promotional materials. A new winner will be featured on our website throughout each semester and will receive an awesome prize. Also note--we will retain your nomination for future use; you do not need to apply more than once.

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To complete your nomination, please provide the following information and answer the questions below:

  • Your Name
  • Month and Year You Graduated from UNCW's Communication Studies Department
  • Position Title
  • Company/Organization
  • Current Location (City, State)
  1. What was your favorite class in the COM Department? Why?
  2. What organizations/groups were you involved in while you were a student?
  3. Did you complete a departmental internship? If so, please list your internship agency.
  4. How are you using the skills/concepts learned from your COM degree in your life?
  5. What are your proudest accomplishments since graduating from UNCW?
  6. Complete this sentence: Communication is ____________.
  7. What advice would you give current COM majors?

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!