Swansea 2014

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Current Participants

We are so excited to have you on board for the Study Abroad Swansea 2014 program! This page is a resource designed to help you take the next steps in your journey.

To the right you'll see a number of social media options where we'll be regularly updating you on all things Swansea!

Also, keep scrolling to see the next steps you should be taking. If you have questions, please don't hestitate to contact the program coordinator, Dr. David Weber. Email is weberd [at] uncw [dot] edu or to send an email, simply click on this email address: weberd@uncw.edu.

Facts about WalesNext Steps

  1. (May be the most important thing to do!) GET A PASSPORT…or renew your passport. Even if you choose to not go to Swansea in Spring 2014, a passport is a great thing to have…also, if you have one, chances are you will want to use it. There is a passport office right on campus-in the University Union…did you know that? If you already have a passport, please make sure that it will not expire until after 2015. If it IS due to expire relatively soon, you will have to renew it. That can be done in the passport office.
    TO TAKE ACTION: (a) visit the passport office in the Union; (b) ask them for what you need to apply for a new one, or renew; (c) follow their directions.
  2. Contact Kara Pike to ask her how to apply for the Swansea study-abroad program. The application process begins on May 15. Ms. Pike's email address is pikek@uncw.edu. She will help you work through the application process.
    TO TAKE ACTION: Email Ms. Kara Pike and request next steps … ask, "How do I apply for the Swansea Spring 2014 study-abroad program?"
  3. Start exploring the website for Swansea University. I will put some links into the next paragraph. Your exploration will acquaint you with the university and you'll see how amazing it is there. You can start with the links I give you and go from there as you wish.
    TO TAKE ACTION: Here is the homepage for Swansea University http://www.swansea.ac.uk/ Here is a page listing the programs you may be able to take classes in http://www.swansea.ac.uk/undergraduate/courses/

International Programs Office

Departments [aka Programs]

Here are some links that you might find help in regards to programs, the following is a list that UNCW students are often interested in:

  • NOTE: At Swansea University, what we at UNCW call "departments" or "programs," they call "courses"; what we at UNCW call "courses" or "classes," they call "modules." If you are curious about what classes you could take, you must look for "modules."

There are many more programs available, this is just a starting point!

Singleton Abbey Facing Swansea BaySwansea University

Here is a very cool portal to information about student life at Swansea University. Follow this Swansea University link to check out more. At this site you will find clubs you can join, sports and recreation opportunities, etc. If you check out this student life site, scroll down on the right-hand side and you'll see some links to testimonials from Swansea University students about what the University has to offer. You can also find a chat room/bulliten board for you to ask Swansea students.

Last, here is some information about Swansea University's location. Notice how Swansea University is proud of its close proximity to the sea, kind of like UNCW!