Distance Education

State Authorization Definition of Terms

Online Programs: These generally refer to applicants to approved online degree, certificate and licensure programs. Authorization rules would also apply to non-degree seeking students.

Resident Students: Students who are enrolled in a campus-based program or course.

Authorized: University Of North Carolina Wilmington is authorized to offer all online programs and courses in that state. In the internship categories, UNCW students are allowed to participate in internships, practicums, student teaching and clinical experiences unless otherwise indicated.

Partial Authorization: University Of North Carolina Wilmington is only authorized for online programs and courses that do not require any type of internship, practicums, student teaching, or clinical experience. All students (online and resident) are not allowed to participate in any type of internship, practicums, student teaching, or clinical experience unless otherwise indicated.

Not Authorized: Residents of the state are not permitted to enroll in any University Of North Carolina Wilmington online programs or courses. Internships, practicums, student teaching or clinical experiences by online or resident students are not permitted unless otherwise indicated.

Internships found by student: This is defined as any internship, practicum, student teaching or clinical experience that is found by the student acting independently. Students may receive credit for the experience and the experience may be monitored by campus faculty. The university may provide assistance with finding the experience, but does not require the student to participate in a particular experience.

Internships organized by the university: This is defined as experiences that are a result of a formalized agreement between University Of North Carolina Wilmington and the entity providing the experience. This would also apply to students who are required to complete an experience at a specific location designated by the university.

Regulated Professions Could Require Additional Authorization: Students enrolled in programs that lead to professional licensure (Nursing, Teaching, etc.) may be required to seek additional approval from state professional boards in order to be licensed in that state. Students seeking clinical experiences or student teaching in those states may also need additional approval from the appropriate state board. Contact e-learning for specific information.