N.C. teachers see legislative changes as harmful, survey finds

Drs. Robert Smith and Scott Imig have gathered survey information concerning attitudes about the state of education in North Carolina from over 600 practicing educators and administrators. View the full report, "Listening to Those on the Front Lines: North Carolina Teachers and Administrators Respond to State Legislative Changes," here > You can also see an additional story about the survey from The News & Observer, "Urgent wake-up call from NC teachers" >

WCE Professors Conduct Follow-Up Survey

SUNDAY, MARCH 02, 2014

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WCE professors Scott Imig and Robert Smith conducted a survey last fall to determine responses among North Carolina teachers and administrators to education legislation passed in July 2013. Nearly 700 teachers responded.

This spring, Imig and Smith followed up with a survey of 2,350 North Carolina residents to see how responses of the public aligned with those of teachers. Results indicate a high level of awareness among parents and community members of education legislative changes enacted last year. Also, results showed widespread concern over how these changes will impact students, teachers and schools in the future.

Though many parents deem their own child's school worthy of an A or B grade, significant concerns were raised over low teacher pay, removal of additional pay for teachers earning a master's degree and removing caps on classroom size. Nearly one in three respondents indicated that recent legislative changes have led them to consider private or charter schools as an alternative to traditional public schools.

View the full report, "The Public Schools Our Children Deserve? North Carolina Residents React to State Legislative Changes."

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