Emergency and Safety Information

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For Faculty and Staff

University employees may experience a variety of emergency and safety issues including crimes, building emergencies, disturbed students, medical emergencies, weather emergencies and more as part of campus.

Resources to Share with Students

  • Active Shooter checklist (PDF) - details safety precautions to take
  • CARE - UNCW resource center focused on preventing and supporting victims of violent behaviors including sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking and harassment
  • Counseling Center - UNCW's official center for individual/group counseling services and mental health resources
  • CROSSROADS - UNCW resource for substance abuse prevention and education programs
  • Interpersonal Violence - outlines statistics, prevention plans and how to support/help a victim
  • R.A.D. Self Defense Training - class dates and registration information for Rape Aggression Defense training
  • Sexual Harassment - defines harassment and how to report it
  • Women's Resource Center - UNCW center that promotes gender equality

Resources for Employees

Emergency Planning for Offices/Departments