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Engineering Expectations is an innovative program at UNCW that teaches elementary and middle school students problem-solving skills by giving them unique engineering challenges to solve. Students not only learn science and engineering but also communication skills, creativity, optimism, collaborations, and tenacity. Through experiential learning, students take home the knowledge and confidence they gained through our program and sometimes even a small project they built themselves! Join us on Saturdays as your child gains skills through unique programs they can find nowhere else!

Spring Programs

Semester Theme – STEM Related Holidays!

Our Fall 2018 Programs will focus on exploring different STEM related holidays each month. Our participants will be challenged to apply their knowledge to solve real world engineering problems in a fun, educational, and enjoyable environment. By the end of each program, the students will be empowered to think like engineers and develop innovative solutions.



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Cosmic Creations

September 15th

CANCELED due to weather event.

Do you know which major cosmic event occurs during the month of September? Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox by engineering several astronomical devices. Students will get to design and test sundials, telescopes, and compasses. In addition, they will get code robots to follow the paths of constellations.  





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Spooky Science

October 20th

Researchers have found many engineering applications through the study of spiders and bats. Join us this month as we explore the aerodynamics of bat wigs and the strength of spider webs with several hands on activities. Students will also get a chance to show their creativity in our design a haunted house challenge.





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Boats Afloat

November 17th

Join us this November as we introduce the concept of buoyancy with an activity that involves engineering a better Mayflower. After improving their boat designs, students will be challenged to create devices that will help with the preparation for the Thanksgiving Harvest.





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HiTech Holidays

December 8th

Celebrate computer science education week by coding robots and constructing circuits. Design binary ornaments, build miniature pre-lit Christmas trees, and program robots to deliver gifts.