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Post-Colonial Studies

The Minor

This interdisciplinary minor provides students with an array of cultural, historical, political, sociological, and religious viewpoints from which to understand and analyze how nations, peoples, and the environment interact.

Courses in the minor emphasize decolonized, currently colonized, and indigenous cultures within the English, French and Hispanic post-colonial worlds.

Also, students can explore other European and Asian colonizing powers. Within this wide-ranging base, students can tailor the minor to their own interests by selecting from the large number of elective courses.

Students should contact the coordinator in the English Department for more information.

Core Courses

Core (9 hours)

ENG 341 Post-colonial and Third World Literature
HST 103 Introduction to Global History OR
HST 316 British Empire & Commonwealth
PLS 331 Politics in Developing Nations

Global Contexts: (choose two courses for 6-hour total)

CRM 420 Collective Violence
HST380 The Cold War: An International History
ENG 342 Transnational Literatures 
PLS 111 Politics and Government in Global Perspective
GGY 180 World Geography I OR
GGY 181 World Geography II

Global Contexts Electives

(choose two courses for 6-hour total)

ANT 304 South American Indians
ANT 305 North American Indians
ANT 317 Latin American Anthropology
ENG 356 American Indian Literatures
FLL 205 Perspectives in World Cinema
FRH 318 Contemporary France
FRH 412 The Francophone World
GGY 210 Geography of the Global World 
GGY 255 Geography of the Middle East
GGY 340 Resources, Population, and Environment
GGY 383 and 384 Geography of the Caribbean
HEA 320 Foundations in Global Health
HST 315 History of Modern Ireland
HST 336 American Indian History to 1900
HST 337 American Indians after 1900
HST 366 History of Southeast Asia
HST 367 History of Colonial Latin America
HST 368 History of Modern Latin America
HST 370 History of the Caribbean
HST 371 African History to 1800
HST 372 History of Modern Africa
HST 373 History of Southern Africa
HST 374 History of West Africa
HST 375 History of Central and Eastern Africa
HST 381 History of Early Islamic Societies
HST 382 History of the Modern Middle East
HST 396 Europe from 1789-1914
HST 481 Topics in African History
HST 483 Topics in Middle Eastern History
HST 485 Topics in Latin American History
HST 487 Topics in Global History
PAR 230 Judaism, Christianity, Islam
PAR 232 Asian Religions
PAR 233 African Religions
PLS 220 Introduction to International Relations
PLS 222 Contemporary International Political Issues
PLS 317 Political Thought of Asia
PLS 330 Political Systems in Africa
PLS 332 Politics of Central America and the Caribbean
PLS 333 Politics of South America
PLS 338 Political Systems of the Middle East
PLS 339 Asian Politics 
SOC 366 Social Change
SPN 212 Latin America Today
SPN 312 Spanish American Civilization
SPN 412 Topics in Spanish American Civilization

Requirements for the Post-Colonial Studies Minor

Students must take a total of 21 hours. Nine hours come from the core courses and 6 from Global Contexts. Students select the additional 6 credit hours from the Global Contexts electives. Six credits from either DIS or appropriate special topics courses may be included as electives with approval from the coordinator.

Students must have a "C" average (2.0) or better in courses counted for the minor.

For more information:

Contact the English Department office at: 962-3320