Financial Aid

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In order to provide better and more personalized service, students, both active and prospective, should use the following listing to identify their financial aid counselor. For both undergraduate and graduate students, each alphabetical grouping, e.g., B-C, represents students with last names beginning with those letters. Veteran Students (i.e., those active or prospective students entitled to veterans educational benefits), Student Athletes on athletic aid, and OAP (On-line Accelerated Program) students are not included in the alphabetical groupings and are considered three individual groups. These three groups have their own counselor(s).

If you are receiving Federal Veterans Education Benefits then your counselor, despite your name, will be Alton Johnson (A-K) and Chad Voorhees (L-Z).

If you are an OAP student then your counselor, despite your name, will be Dan Sanchez (A-F) and Daniel McClanahan (G-Z)

If you are a Student Athlete your counselor, despite your name, is Denise Gattison (unless you are a Veteran).

FinAid Counselor Alphabet Split
Grouping Counselor
Athletes Denise Gattison
SOAR Ambassadors  Eishante Wilkes 
A-B Andrea Brewer
C Eishante Wilkes
D, E Daniel McClanahan

F, G

Dan Sanchez

H,I,J Levi Moore 
K, L Alton Johnson
M Hunter Allen
N,O Chad Voorhees
P,Q,R Denise Gattison
S Richard Baumgarner
T Lisa Pipkin
U,V Chad Voorhees
W Lisa Pipkin 
X, Y, Z Chad Voorhees