The Graduate School

Graduate School Contacts

Portrait of Dr. Ron Vetter.

Ron Vetter, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Research
Dean, Graduate School
910-962-4117 |

Portrait of Nancy Holland.

Nancy Holland

Executive Assistant
910-962-4117 |

Portrait of Wanda Underwood.

Wanda Underwood

910-962-3866 |

Portrait of Kimberly Goerne Harris.

Kimberly Goerne Harris

Coordinator of Graduate Admissions
910-962-7449 |

Portrait of Linda Byrnes.

Linda Byrnes

Admissions Specialist
910-962-2962 |

Portrait of David Childers.

David Childers

Technology Support and Data Analyst
910-962-7397 |

Portrait of Debra Savage.

Debra Savage

Administrative Specialist
910-962-3984 |

Portrait of Heather Stefanescu.

Heather Stefanescu

Administrative Specialist
910-962-2509 |

Portrait of Ralena Wicker.

Ralena Wicker

Part-Time Admissions Specialist
910-962-3135 |

Portrait of Kay Pugh.

Kay Pugh

Part-Time Administrative Specialist
910-962-2422 |

Portrait of Jooweon Park.

Jooweon Park

Graduate Assistant

Portrait of Scott Stanley.

Scott Stanley

Graduate Assistant

Portrait of Bethany Martin.

Bethany Martin

Undergraduate Student Worker

Portrait of Madison Fairbanks.

Madison Fairbanks

Undergraduate Student Worker

Portrait of Kayla Kozup.

Kayla Kozup

Undergraduate Student Worker

Portrait of Ruby Delgado.

Ruby Delgado

Undergraduate Student Worker