Housing & Residence Life

Frequently Asked Questions: University Apartments Relocations


What role does my RA/ResLife staff have now that I am living off-campus?
  • For all University Apartment students living elsewhere on campus, they will receive all the normal benefits from the Residence Life team that they enjoyed before.  For all students living off campus, we have modified the services we provide to best meet your unique living situation.  Below you will find a list of what you should expect:
    • Assigned RA: All off campus residents have an RA, who is there to help you and connect with you.
    • Apartments Help Line: An RA is available 24/7 to assist you with questions, issues or emergencies.  Those staying at hotels should call 910-617-2423 and those staying at an off-campus apartment complex should call 910-617-4581.
    • Opportunities to Connect: RAs will provide information about Apartment Complex activities each week while those at the hotel locations will plan one social activity per week.  In addition, they will coordinate a “GROUPME”(application based group) so residents can connect with others living at their off-campus location.
    • On-Campus Lounge: During the day hours the Belk TV Lounge will be offered to you for a location to go and chill / study between classes.  A fridge / freezer is available for your convenience.
    • Laundry: For those living at a hotel location, you have access to the Suite Services building where you can use your laundry card for any laundry needs.
Where do I go if I am not happy with my room or with the people I am living with?
  • HRL understands the impact that living in a location or with roommates that you are not comfortable with has.  To assist you in working through such issues, we suggest the following resources depending on your current living location:
    • Assigned elsewhere on-campus: you should speak with your Residence Advisor or the Residence Coordinator / Assistant Residence Coordinator of your new area.  A list of our RA / RC / ARC staff and their contact information can be found here.
    • Assigned to an off-campus apartment complex: We encourage you to speak with the apartment property management, your assigned RA or your HRL Residence Coordinator (Donovan Smith). 
    • Assigned to Fairfield or Golden Sands: reach out to your assigned RA or your HRL Residence Coordinator (Donovan Smith).   
    • Where do I report an issue with my room / space if I live in an off-campus property? Each off-campus property has a process and staff for fixing any issue with your room / space. 
How do I get reimbursed for hotel arrangements that I made between October 6 and October 13 when I received a permanent assignment?

Thank you for your continued patience as we worked through our business processes regarding your hotel reimbursements for your displacement due to Hurricane Florence from October 6th through October 13th. Instructions to submit your reimbursement requests are outlined below:

  • Please complete and sign the Hotel Reimbursement form (electronic or hard copy signature is acceptable) Click here for form.(PDF)
  • Submit the form with supporting documentation (hotel receipts) to housing@uncw.edu by 11pm on 11/30/2018
  • Reimbursements will be processed for the dates of October 6, 2018 through October 13, 2018
  • You will receive a check for the processed amount at the mailing address you provide on the Hotel Reimbursement form
  • Processing may take up to 4 weeks for you to receive your reimbursement

If you have any further questions, or if you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at 910-962-3241.

How do I retrieve my mail after withdrawing or canceling my housing agreement? 
  • If you are a displaced apartment student and still maintain your housing agreement with UNCW Housing and Residence Life, you will still have access to your on campus mailbox. Please contact the University Post Office if you need to inquire about a mailbox if you have canceled your agreement or withdrawn from the University at 910-962-3750.
Where do I park if I am a displaced University Apartment student?
  • You can continue to park in your assigned area for class. More information is available here.