International Studies

International Students

The Department of International Studies has attracted international students from its inception. Why? Here is what some of them have said.

Kevin Schulze (Japan)

  • After being convinced to go to college, I attended Temple University in Japan before attending UNCW. But I started in the business school and it wasn't until the end of my second year here that I joined the International Studies program. While being born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, where lots of money are constantly moving across the city, I thought the most important thing to learn from college was how to make money. I didn't have any interest in anything else, just because nothing about academics interested me and I never cared about it my whole time since high school. This changed after failing two classes in one semester, an 8am Anatomy course and an easy Business Prep course. I started to make myself go to the library more often and take school a little more seriously. Then comes the end of my second year here, which was my initial goal to graduate but I couldn't. I looked for a program that I can graduate as soon as possible and found International Studies. At first I didn't have a clue of what I was getting myself into, but now looking back I don't regret making that decision. I was faced with constant readings and writings, more than what I have experienced my whole life. And before I knew it I found myself taking school more seriously than ever before. I gained more curiosity towards things but this didn't mean I liked school now. I did like school a little more but more than that I found more things that interested me like the globalization of wine and the situation in the Korean Peninsula. I'm glad I completed the International Studies program, it has changed the way I perceive school. It was the first time I actually felt like I was a student although my attitude was most likely not the best compared to others. I was surprised that I enjoyed my last three weeks being busy with research papers and final exams and I had the best focus I ever had for school. I'm more curious of what is going on in the world and more importantly I didn't feel like school was for producing money making robots. I plan to use this experience in my next step in life and become successful as much as I can. I still want to make money without a business degree so that I can show the people that have ever questioned me that I can do it too. International Studies has taught me so much and I am proud I graduated with this degree. If I didn't join this program my attitude towards school probably would have continued to rot. Maybe I can give back once I get rich.