Eric Tessier, M.A.

Description: Eric Tessier Lecturer of French
Office: Kennan Hall 1229
Tel: (910)-962-3885
FAX: (910)-962-7712

Certificate of Professional
Development, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign of Continuing

B.A., University of Rennes II, France
M.A., University of Rennes II, France
A.A. in English, University of Rennes-II,

Eric Tessier has been teaching lower-division French classes at UNCW since 2004 and has offered courses in Communications at Cape Fear Community College. His graduate studies in French include courses in French literature through UNC Greensboro and the graduate French Translation Certificate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In the field of translation, he has a particular interest in contemporary literature and film, developing from his specialization in mass communications and popular culture.

Eric Tessier has translated scholarly articles in French and Cinema Studies and published translations of novellas by French author Danielle Robert-Guédon; his co-authored article and interview with Robert-Guédon was released in The French Review, 2009. He coauthored an article on film director Marc Caro ("From Storyboard to Film: Marc Caro's Dante 01") published in Film International, 2008. His recent translations include French film subtitles for Persistence of Memories narrating Salvador Dali and Henry Miller's encounter, and Gasoline (2007) by Andrew Hulse submitted for The Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival. He presented his French poetry at MIFLC 2008. His poetic work appeared in Spring 2009 as part of the "Mai Photographies" exhibit in la Médiathèque des Ursulines in Quimper with the work of photographer Isabelle Tessier.