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Travel Around Russia

Summer Language Program for Middle and High School Students!

"Travel around Russia" residential summer camp on UNCW campus is a great opportunity for students of grades 7-12 to experience Russian language and culture without having to travel overseas. Students with little or no knowledge of Russian language are welcome to participate.

The students learn the basics of the language from the native speakers and professional instructors, introduced to authentic Russian traditions, folklore, cinema, and cuisine and will have practical comparative experience, visiting Wilmington Ice House for a glimpse of Siberian winter and visiting the beach for an idea of Black Sea coastal resort. We invite the students to take this exciting voyage of discovery on June 17th- 29th 2013. Since this is an intensive program focused on learning Russian language culture, we will only accept 20 highly motivated students.

Student Application
The application process is closed. All new applicants will be placed on the waiting list.

(Please complete and send to Program director: Ms. Roza Starodubtseva, E-mail:

Let's go to Russia together!

STARTALK is a government initiative to increase the number of Americans learning critical need languages. The STARTALK program pays tuition for students to learn Russian language.

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