Travel Around Russia

About the program

"Travel around Russia" is a language and culture immersion program for 20 students of grades 7-12, with some or no experience with Russian language. The resident camp on UNCW campus will be open from June 17 to June 29, 2013; arrival day is June 16. The camp will have plenty of activities including 132 instructional hours (8AM-8:30PM, 12 days), all led by Russian native speakers, in order to provide the participants with immersion experience.

This program is designed to tie in various aspects of Russian language and culture to provide the students with Russian cultural immersion and an opportunity to learn the basics of Russian language without having to travel overseas. Evening and weekend activities are integrated in the curriculum to make sure the camp offers true language immersion experience to the participants. The students will get informed on Russian climate zones and have practical comparative experience, visiting Wilmington Ice House for a glimpse of Siberia and visiting the beach for an idea of Black Sea resort. Various activities are planned for almost every evening, and weekends as well, including Russian dances, Russian self-defense (SAMBO), guest speakers from the community, supervised watching of Russian movies, and help with homework. On weekends we have scheduled field trips, including camping on the beach according to Russian tradition of summer camping with potatoes baked in the fire ashes and singing Russian songs to live guitar music. Our goal is to give the students an opportunity to explore and get interested in dramatically needed Russian language. The students will send video emails to their parents daily, telling about their "travel" experiences. The internet will be available in common areas only.

Living Arrangements

The students will reside in the secured UNCW dorm, consisting of 4-5 bedroom apartments, one person per bedroom. Each apartment has common areas including living room, kitchen and bathroom. Each apartment will accommodate one counselor and 3-4 students. The boys and girls will live on the same floor but in two different wings, separated by common areas with a night post. The camp will have four day-time counselors and two night-time counselors. The counselors will live in the same dorm and will be available 24/7. The students will be able to study and rest without being disturbed by the neighbors.

Security rules:

  • After 10:30PM, the students will be not allowed to leave their apartments.
  • Students are not allowed to use the elevators and go to the other floors.
  • There will be no unsupervised internet connection.

Typical day at the camp

7:20AM: Wake-up

8:00AM - 8:45AM: Breakfast (exposure to Russian language)

9:00AM - 12:00PM: Lessons (Russian language, Music, Art, schedule depends on the day)

12:00PM - 1:00PM: Lunch (exposure to Russian language and dining culture)

1PM - 2PM: Reading, rest, quiet time (with counselors)

2PM - 3PM: Language lab (LinguaFolio, research)

3PM - 5:30PM: Cultural activities, Dance, Cooking, Knitting, SAMBO

5:30PM - 6:30PM: Dinner (exposure to Russian language and dining culture)

7PM-8:30PM: Cultural activity/Guest speakers/homework

8:30PM-10PM: Russian movie/cartoon film /Table games with counselors

10PM - Good night.

What to bring

Besides clothes and toiletry items, the students will need:

  • For the beach: swimsuit, beach towel, hat, water bottle, sun lotion
  • For the ice skating: sweat pants, socks, and hoodie
  • Cell phone if desired; personal computers are not necessary


The tuition, accommodations, food, and activities are provided by UNCW on behalf of STARTALK program. The students are responsible for:

  • Transportation to the camp and back
  • ID cards, $30, payable upon arrival.
  • Snack money if desired. Vending machines, washer, and dryer are available.

For more information that isn't provided here, please contact: Anastasia Kuz-Aponte, E-mail: