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Gerontology Minor

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington offers an interdisciplinary minor in Gerontology that focuses on the study of older adults and the aging process from social, psychological, and biological perspectives. The minor is designed for students with a general interest in aging who may be considering a career which involves working with older adults. Course work encourages students to obtain field experience through service-learning with community partners who work with older adults.

The Gerontology minor complements most majors and provides students with a background for administrative, supervisory, and professional service careers in aging and/or working with older adults.

Required Courses

  • GRN 101 Introduction to Gerontology
  • GRN 440 Current Issues in Gerontology
  • HEA 325 Health and Aging
  • PSY 324 Psychology of Aging
  • SOC 336 Sociology of Aging

Elective Courses

  • PAR 215 Bioethics
  • SOC 220 Sociology of Death and Dying
  • REC 369 Therapeutic Recreation for Aging
  • SWK 310 Programs and Policies for Older Adults
  • PSY 223 Life Span Human Development
  • PSY 416 Adult Development and Life Transitions
  • COM 347 Aging and Communication
  • GRN 446 Health Care Access for Older Adults
  • GRN 492 Practical Pharmacology
  • GRN 491 Directed Independent Study in Gerontology*
  • GRN 495 Special Topic Seminar in Gerontology

With consent of the Coordinator, other courses may earn elective credit in Gerontology provided that at least 50% of the content is related to the study of Aging.

For more information about the Gerontology minor contact Elizabeth Fugate-Whitlock, PhD at or (910)962-7816