CHHS Student Success Center

Learning Outcomes: M.S. Clinical Research

Curriculum Plan

Thus, upon completion of the master’s program, the new graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in biopharmaceutical clinical trial research designs and regulatory affairs management to meet the health and medical needs of current and future biopharmaceutical product consumers
  • Evaluate critical domestic and global regulatory and health care issues that challenge and influence biopharmaceutical product development
  • Effectively assess and manage ethical clinical trial programs and biopharmaceutical development projects
  • Forecast the resources necessary for developing and managing biopharmaceutical clinical research grants and trials as required and regulated by global regulatory agencies
  • Demonstrate competencies in evaluating clinical research data and communicating results
  • Manage innovative biopharmaceutical/biotechnology products through the discovery processes and into the clinical trial phases via identifying research questions and testable hypotheses
  • Demonstrate advanced critical thinking skills necessary to enhance employment opportunities or advance within the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with health care providers and regulatory agencies to develop culturally diverse domestic and global strategies for biopharmaceutical product approvals