Faculty SeaNet Guide


  • You may use the back button.
  • If you are logged on SeaNet for more than 20 minutes without clicking on a link or button, your login will expire.

User Id
Your User Id is a 9 digit number that begins with "85". If you do not know your Id, click on the "help" hyperlink located on the login page. Your banner Id and Pin will be emailed to your UNCW account.

Your Pin is initially your birth date in format mmddyy. You will be required to change your Pin to another 6 digit number. You will also be required to supply some security questions/answers. Keep your answer simple, with no special characters. Your answer is case sensitive and must be retrieved exactly as it was entered. 

Your "role(s)" at UNCW will determine what displays on the main page. If you have taken courses at UNCW since 1985 there will be a student link. This will allow you to see your academic transcript and other student related information. If you have not taken any courses, you will only have a Faculty & Advisors menu.

Also your role will determine the access that you have to student information. If you are identified in Banner as only faculty, you may access information only on students enrolled in your classes. If you are identified as faculty/advisor you may access information on any active student in the database.

From the Faculty Services menu you will make your selections for what data you wish to retrieve. There are many hyperlinks in SeaNet that by clicking on them will give you more information. Also, remember you may use the back button at any time.

You must always select a term to work from! To look at courses you are teaching, you will select a CRN (course reference number), use the pull down to see all the courses you are teaching for term selected.


From the Summary Class list, you may obtain additional information about the course, email one or all students, see the status of students (either registered or withdrawn) and by clicking on the student's name you may retrieve additional information. 

Class list

Also, by clicking on student's name then clicking on registration overrides, you can see what overrides have been given for a student.

Student Overrides

Registration Overrides
Faculty have the option in SeaNet to give a student an override for a seat in their class when the class is closed or a permission is required (please check with your academic department for their policy on issuing overrides). From the Registration Override link, click on ID Selection, enter the student's Id, click submit.

Student ID

Note: if your role is faculty and advisor you may use the Student and Advisee Query to retrieve a student's id. An All button indicates you have been identified as faculty and as an advisor.

ID Query

On the Faculty Registration Permits/Override page, use the pull down menus to select the type of override and the class, click submit, then click submit again for final confirmation. A few things to remember about overrides: 1) the override does not register the student in the class; it allows the student to register themselves without getting an error 2) an override must be issued for each condition that is causing the student a problem. Example, course is permission only and the course is closed. Two overrides would need to be issued.

Applying Overrides

"Advising Listing" will display your advisees who have registered for the term selected. From the advisee list you may click on any hyperlink to see additional information on the student. Also on the advisee list you may see the student's registration PIN. This is the most current registration PIN the student will need to register for the term that registration is occurring.

Advisee List

Selecting a Student
Should you need to access data on a student who is not your advisee, click on ID Selection and then follow the instructions for doing a search by entering the student's Id or last name and part of the first name followed by the wildcard symbol, %.

Student ID


Student ID Query

Academic Transcript
The academic transcript will show all UNCW work, transfer work and courses in progress where applicable. You may scroll through the entire transcript or click on one of the hyperlinks below.

Transfer Credit    Institution Credit    Transcript Totals    Courses in Progress

See example below on how repeated courses display on the online transcript:

Repeat Courses

The E indicates a "forgiven" repeat where all effects of the grade have been removed.

An A in that column would indicate the grade had been "averaged" into the GPA. 

Note the transcript will also show end of term academic status, ex:

Academic Status