Getting Started with UNCW Reservations

You may use this site without a UNCW CRS Web account to search for specific events, determine the facility that meets your needs, check space availability, and get information to plan a successful meeting/event.

  • Use the "Browse and Search" option on the navigation bar and choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu.
  • Use the "Resource" option on the navigation bar for links to information and university resources that will help you plan your meeting/event.
  • Campus calendars is an additional tool for searching for events.

You must have a CRS web account to submit a reservation request for the space you would like to reserve

NOTE: You will only have access to make online requests for certain facilities on campus

If you have a CRS Web account, log in by clicking "My Account" on the navigation bar and then "User Log In."

For tutorial of Campus Life reservations,please click here.

If you are a representative of a UNCW university department or a member of a registered student organization, you may create a CRS Web account by clicking "My Account">"User Log In">and then submit requested information.