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Volume 12, Issue 1September 2018: Back to School Issue

Greetings from the Interim Director

Linda P

Welcome to our students and faculty to this new academic year!  Everything about the beginning of this academic year has been striking . . . Hurricane Florence arrived and remained for days leading to the closure and interruption of classes.  I wish that the hurricane’s name had not been the same as the founder of modern nursing: Florence Nightingale.  There are so many people to thank for the hard work and dedication to getting us back to the new normal.  Many lost their homes, businesses, and a variety of opportunities.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by caring, smart people from the School of Nursing and surrounding community who responded by giving generously of their time, their donations, and their expertise.

This time of year always represents something very special – new classes, new ideas, new perspectives, and new people (faculty, staff, and students).  That “newness” is certainly true for me!  I am honored to be serving as the Interim Director of the School of Nursing.  After many years in the profession, nursing continues to be a fabulous career for me by offering innovative experiences and professional challenges and engaging with new scholars.  In the past I’ve worked with all levels of nursing students, both within and outside of the United States (China, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Africa), and enjoyed and learned from each one.  I’ve also had the pleasure of serving on an expert panel of the United States Pharmacopeia.  Although I’ve never been engaged in the type of research and product development as our clinical research students and faculty, I have had enough exposure to deeply appreciate their work.

This year the UNCW School of Nursing welcomes five new lecturers:  Barbara Barry, Emily DiGiuseppe, Susan Gell, Andrea Smith and Valerie Tarte.  Six assistant professors joined the faculty as well:  Lisa Bove, Summer DeBastiani, Hayley Estrem, Carolyn Kleman, Michelle Mendes, Anka Roberto and Melissa Scott.  They bring a wealth of experience in teaching, research, and practice.  We are thrilled to have such an accomplished group join us.

We rescheduled the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) visit for the accreditation team to come to campus on Nov. 14-16.  They will engage with all areas that touch our educational programs: students, faculty, leadership, and resources (library, advisement, budget, etc.).  We are excited and proud to share our programs with them and look forward to their feedback.

gateAs mentioned earlier, I was fortunate to teach Chinese students at Peking Union Medical College in Beijing. While there I visited the Summer Palace, an imperial garden which featured the gate “Balance” (see photo right).  That notion of balance impressed me then and now.  Balance is really a characteristic of Chinese living – finding the balance in life, in your home, in your work – looking for the qi (harmony).  As we move into our new academic year, my hope for all of us is to find that balance in all that we do.

This is sure to be a banner year for us; together we can make it the best year ever.  Join me in celebrating our great programs, great students, great staff, and great faculty!

Linda Pugh

Hurricane relief

Welcome to our Newest Full-time Faculty

We offer a hearty welcome to our newest full-time faculty - 11 altogether!  This newest cohort of faculty represent a diversity of nursing expertise and interests.  (more)  

New Faculty

Notable Recognition

Two faculty are recognized for their volunteer service and research.  Susan Sinclair has been selected as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) and Nina Williams served as "Nurse of the Day" for the NC General Assembly.  (more)

Notable Achievements

Student Achievements

Austin Strenkert (Dec. ’18) receives recognition for his work on an interacctive education device to be used by patients and their families.  RN-BSN student Drew Flammia has her letter-to-the-editor published.  (more)  

Faculty Presentations

SON faculty present their research activities through podium and poster presentations. (more

Faculty and Student Publications

SON and CLR faculty publish research findings over the summer break.  (more

Panel Discussions

Kelly Griggs was an invited panelist at the AWHONN National Conference, New Member and First-Time Attendee Session and at the conference on the National Legislative Update on Maternal Infant Health panel.  (more)

Grant Awards

Grant awards are given to faculty for research activities.  (more)

Notable Initiatives

Applied Learning Summer Institute and FACES are initiatives designed to assist students and faculty.  The Applied Learning Summer Institute was avaible to MSN-NE students to provie them resources and support to carry out an Applied Learning initiative.  The FACES initiative has been created by two faculty as a peer-support group to assist tenure-track faculty with fellowship, accountability, collaboration, smpowerment, and support (FACES).  (more)

News from CLR

test tubesFull and part-time faculty from CLR will join local industry professionals to teach a continuing education series offered by FuseCR.  The program is designed to help individuals begin careers in the rapidly expanding clinical research industry.  It consists of 12 Monday evening sessions throughout the fall semester.

Students will learn the key components of clinical trial operations and can earn a Certificate of Completion in Clinical Research Foundations from FuseCR by attending at least 10 sessions. This new certificate program is designed for anyone interested in learning more about clinical trials from a career perspective.  Registration is available for individual sessions for those who do not wish to work toward the certificate.  There is no charge for registration due to grant funding from the Duke Energy Foundation.  To register go to:  

Another CLR program that has been funded is MentorCR, the new FuseCR mentorship program, funded through a grant from UNCW’s Office of Community Engagement.  This program will pair undergraduate students with clinical research professionals to help orient them to the industry, build their professional networks, and increase their communication and leadership skills.  Students
and their mentors will meet 2-3 times per month throughout the academic year, and will have opportunities to attend leadership seminars to further their careers while building networks within the industry.  The program, which is being funded by UNCW Office of Community Engagement, is open to any undergraduate student interested in a career in clinical research.    Go to: to learn more.

Simulation Learning Center News

The fall ‘18 semester is well underway and students are engaged in active learning through skill and simulation labs.  Interprofessional simulation activities are also scheduled this semester.  (more)

Nu Omega Chapter News

LogoThe Nu Omega Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International has several upcoming events on the calendar:  an educational program featuring faculty Omar Alzaghari, the new member induction ceremony and the fall '18 Research Day where faculty and students present research through podium and poster presentations. (more

Nursing Graduate School News


There were 74 new FNP students who were welcomed to campus during the day-long orientation program on Aug. 21. According to Micah Scott, FNP program coordinator, 50 FNP students are finishing their final semester and will graduate in December.   Last year’s passage rate for FNP certification was 97%! 


DNPMatthew Gallek, DNP program coordinator, extends a welcome to new and returning DNP students.  Approximately 26 students are currently enrolled in the program.  

Pictured at left are students with faculty Diana Parker (right in front row).  

 Study Abroad

globalOverseas travel opportunities are in the planning stages for nursing and clinical research programs.  Dulring the summer faculty and students travelled to Sweden and the UK to study global perspectives of nursing history (England and Scotland) and innovations in healthcare (Sweden).  (more)

 Class and Student Organization News 

BrickNHAs an expression of their appreciation for clinical rotations at NHRMC, students from the class of Dec. '18 made a donation to have a brick (pictured left) placed in the "comforting space" in front of the facility main entrance.  Student organizations are planning activities for the fall semester.  (more

News from Randall Library

Randall Library logoJohn Osinski, Health and Human Services Librarian, reports that there are several exciting ventures available in Randall Library.

First, there is a new digital makerspace,  This site includes virtual reality, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and 360 degree cameras.   If nursing faculty would like to incorporate any of this technology into their respective classes, please contact Osinski for a workshop or consultation. 

Randall Library has added the following new databases as well:  Nursing and Mental Health in Video, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Nursing and Allied Health Collection, and Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection.  Faculty and students are encouraged to check out the Nursing Subject Guide for these databases and more.  The website: