UNCW Logo      ACG 1.20 - Establishment of University Banner Fund
Responsible Office:  Accounting Department
Effective:             July 1, 2005
Supersedes:    June 1, 2003

Related Form:
Request for Establishment of a Banner Fund
(Obtain blank 3-part forms from the Comptroller's Office.)

Revisions are indicated by   .  Please note the following key revisions:

  • Requests for establishment of a new university banner fund require approval of the respective Senior Officer, the Comptroller, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs-Finance.
  • Once the new fund number is approved and established in Banner, the Comptroller will e-mail the budget authority the appropriate fund number(s) to be used.

  • Purpose Scope Policy


      Budget Authority.   The budget authority is the department head or equivalent who is responsible for the university fund and whose signature will be required on all documents authorizing expenditure or funds from the university banner fund.

      General Statement

      A University banner fund number is used when it is necessary to separately identify funds because of legal restrictions, fiduciary requirements, or administrative designations. Additional data related to the fund number (including purpose, source of revenue, restrictions, and responsible individuals) is maintained as an integral part of the accounting system.

      Establishment of New University Banner Fund Numbers

        All requests for establishment of a new university banner fund number must be made via Form ACG 1.20 (Request for Establisment of a Banner Fund). Before a new university banner fund is established, the reapective Senior Officer, the Comptroller, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs-Finance must approve the request.

      Prohibition Against Multiple Use of University Banner Fund Numbers

      Established banner fund numbers may only be used to receive and disburse funds as approved on Form FSD-45. Accordingly, a request for a new banner fund number should be submitted when revenues are received from sources that are not authorized for existing fund numbers or when expenditures are anticipated for purposes which have not been approved for existing fund numbers.

      Approval or Denial of Request to Establish a Banner Fund

      In general, banner funds are established only when proper justification is provided concerning the need for the new fund number. Factors such as the level of funding, volume of transactions, or compliance with state regulations may justify the establishment of a banner fund number. If the request is denied, the Comptroller's Office will provide specific reasons for this decision.

      Information Access Available for Established Banner Fund Numbers

      If the request for establishment of a new banner fund number is approved, two sources are available to review activity in this new account:

      The Accounting Office will provide assistance and answer questions regarding the majority of transactions shown on financial reports. Contact the Budget Office regarding budget entries and the Purchasing Office regarding open commitments/encumbrances.

      Effective:           July 1, 2005
    Procedure Supersedes:   June 1, 2003


    1.    Requests to Establish a New Banner Fund Number

       Notes for completion of Form ACG 1.20, Request for Establishment of a Banner Fund:
      Describe anticipated expenditures.    Include all anticipated expenditures (i.e., supplies, travel, equipment, etc.).
      Restrictions placed on fund by donor.    Examples of restrictions: Donor requires that the gift be used to purchase a specific piece of equipment for the Art Department, or the gift must be used to establish a scholarship fund.
      University restrictions. Indicate whether or not any restrictions are being placed on funds other than those imposed by the donor.
         Banner fund access. List all individuals, titles and e-mails (in addition to the budget authority responsible for the account) who will need requisition access or view access to financial information related to the fund.
      NOTE: Access will automatically be given to those individuals who have managerial authority over the budget authority; therefore, you will not need to list these persons. (For example, the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs would automatically have access to any fund set up for the Comptroller.)
         Budget authority. Please note that the email address for the budget authority is a required field and must be completed to establish a new university banner fund. If alternate budget authorities are desired, provide the email address for each alternate individual (maximum of two alternates allowed.)
      Special note regarding delegation of approval of expenditures: If the budget authority delegates his or her signature authority to an "Alternate Signature Person," the "Alternate Signature Person" must sign documents with the responsible person's name followed by the word "by" and then sign his/her name (e.g., John Smith by Mary Jones).


       Forward the top two copies of the form (white and yellow)for approval to the appropriate Senior Officer and then to the Comptroller. Retain the pink copy of the form for departmental records.

    b.    Approval of Request      

    Once the new fund number is approved and established in Banner, the Comptroller will email the budget authority the appropriate fund number(s> to be used, and any other pertinent information (such as additional restrictions).

       The Office of Financial Systems will review existing Banner access for the individuals listed on Form ACG 1.20 in order to setup appropriate Banner security on the new fund.

    c.    Denial of Request     

    If the request to establish a new Banner fund is denied, the Comptroller will return the yellow copy of Form ACG 1.20 to the originating department or activity, along with a cover memorandum stating the reason the request was not approved.

    2.    Changes in Basic Data After Fund Has Been Established     

    If it becomes necessary to revise data previously submitted when requesting the establishment of a new fund number, the department head responsible for the fund number will need to send a memorandum or email to the Comptroller, requesting the changes. The requesting department or activity will be notified of action taken to handle the request.

    Note:    Changes may become necessary because additional information becomes available, an error was made in the original request, the purpose of the fund number has changed, etc. Normally, it will not be necessary to change the fund number in order to make the necessary amendments to the accounting system.

    3.    Deletion of a University Banner Fund Number     

    When a Banner fund number is no longer required for its original purpose, the budget authority will need to send a memorandum or email to the Comptroller, requesting the deletin of the fund number from the system.