ITS 4.10 - Financial Records System Access
Responsible Offices: Financial Systems Department
Department of Application Services (DAS) 
Effective:     June 5, 2001
Supersedes: July 1, 1998


Policy Procedure Appendix A - User Assistance for FRS Applications

Form:  Request to Establish New FRS User Account
How to Obtain Forms

The following revisions are not marked due to the numerous revisions throughout this policy. 
  • Changes have been made to  reflect the current organizational structures of the Financial Systems Department and the Information Technology Systems Division.
  • Appendix A has been updated to reflect current contact information for FRS user assistance.
Other revisions are indicated with .   Key revisions include:
  • Passwords on all FRS user accounts automatically expire every 90 days.
  • FRS user accounts are automatically deleted for non-use every 180 days.
  • When an employee transfers to another university department, the current department head is responsible for notifying the Department of  Application Services to cancel the employee's existing FRS user account. 

Purpose. Scope Policy
General Statement

ITS 4.10 - Financial Records System Access

Procedure Effective:     June 5, 2001
Supersedes: July 1, 1998

3.    FRS User Assistance.

Procedure No. ITS 4.10 

Appendix A. User Assistance for FRS Applications 

 Effective:      June 5, 2001

 Supersedes:  July 1, 1998


For Questions Concerning:

Access to Financial Records System

       Requests for: 
             Initial FRS user account
             Changes to an existing FRS user account 
             Changes to FRS access when an employee transfers to another position within a department

(Note:  For questions regarding  cancellation of  FRS user accounts, contact Application Services, ext. 3648.)

FOCUS access 
Status of request for access
Inability to log-in to FRS or unable to access specific six-digit account(s) or specific FRS screens

FRS System  Liaison 4262
Passwords/access codes
Username password (user-assigned, first log-in password, after FRS)  has expired or been lost/forgotten 
Computing Operations will assign an interim password to allow the employee to re-enter the system. Interim passwords may be picked up from Computing Operations or sent via campus mail in a sealed, confidential envelope.  Passwords are not given out over the telephone
FRS operator number password (System-assigned, second password on FRS), operator number, FRS username, or other access codes are lost or forgotten 
New instructions for accessing FRS will be sent to the employee via campus mail in a confidential sealed envelope. The envelope will include all information needed to allow the employee to re-access FRS. Upon request, the employee may pick up this information from Computing Operations. 

Computer Operations

DAS System Liaison 



FRS special report requests Director, Financial Systems 3856
FRS data interpretation and screen usage
       Budget transactions 
       On-line budget revisions 
       Purchasing encumbrances, liquidations
       Journal entry, check, or receipt transactions 

Budget Specialist
Budget Processing Specialist
Purchasing System Liaison 
Financial Accounting Supervisor

UNCW Chart of Accounts on Web
      (Includes expenditure and revenue object code listings)
      Use of specific object codes 
Financial Accounting Supervisor  3148
Use of Printing Services Forms Ordering System Printing Services Customer Service 3289
Use of Central Stores Ordering System Storeroom Manager,  Central Stores 3097
Error messages received while using:
       Budget Revision System 
       Central Stores Ordering System
       Electronic Requisition System
       Printing Services Forms Ordering System
       Decentralization System

Budget Processing Specialist
Storeroom Manager, Central Stores 
Purchasing System Liaison 
Printing Services Customer Service
Director, Business Applications