Staff Senate

Staff Senators





Megan Allred, Staff Senate Chair

Megan Allred, Chair

Business Affairs

Auxiliary Services


Jordan Calfee, Chair-Elect

Jordan Calfee, Chair-Elect


Events & Board Management


Mindi Miller, Secretary Business Affairs Student Accounts 910.962.3165
Linda Register, Secretary Linda Register, Treasurer Academic Affairs Watson College of Education 910.962.7539
Zach Morgan Zachary Morgan, Parliamentarian Academic Affairs Institutional Research & Planning 910.962.7584
Ariel Bennett, Communications Officer Ariel Bennett, Communications Officer Business Affairs University Police 910.962.7217
Mary Browning Mary Browning Chancellor's Division Human Resources 910.962.3854
Adam Clark Business Affairs ITS 910.962.3497
Olivia Cunningham Olivia Cunningham Chancellor's Division Human Resources 910.962.2496
Lindsay Doell Lindsay Doell Student Affairs Title IX & Cleary Compliance 910.962.3557
Angie Edwards Angie Edwards Academic Affairs Office of International Programs 910.962.3689
Keith Fraser Keith Fraser Advancement Annual Giving 910.962.3075
Daniel Gaither Daniel Gaither Business Affairs University Police 910.962.2222
Jennifer Glatt Jennifer Glatt Chancellor University Relations 910.962.2840
Patti Golka Business Affairs Postal Services 910.962.2432
Erica Hanson Erika Hanson Academic Affairs University College 910.962.3166
Jessie Heim Jessie Heim Academic Affairs Office of International Programs 910.962.2542
Zach Hollenbaugh Zach Hollenbaugh Business Affairs Conferences, Events and Reservations 910.962.3833
Emily Hunsaker Business Affairs ITS 910.962.2040
Hollie Jernigan Business Affairs Accounting 910.962.3150
Cathy Judson Cathy Judson Business Affairs Auxiliary Services 910.962.7646
Yvonne Marsan Academic Affairs Physics & Physical Oceanography 910.962.2108
Levi Moore Levi Moore Academic Affairs Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid 910.962.3177
Kelly Moore Kelly Moore Chancellor's Division Athletics 910.962.3571
Emily Morgan Academic Affairs University College 910.962.7977
Brenda Morse Student Affairs  Health Promotion 910.962.4136
Adam Nelson Adam Nelson Academic Affairs College of Health & Human Services
Gail Picillo Gail Picillo Academic Affairs College of Health & Human Services 910.962.7605
Chris Riendeau Chris Riendeau Business Affairs ITS 910.962.7524
Justin Smith Business Affairs Facilities 910.962.7450
Eric Twine Business Affairs Travel 910.962.7504
Amanda Wiggins Amanda Wiggins Business Affairs Campus Recreation 910.962.3555
Elizabeth Woidt Elizabeth Woidt Chancellor's Division Athletics 910.962.7737
Lauren Auton Lauren Auton,
Past Chair
Student Affairs Dean of Students 910.962.7191
Dawn Brown

Dawn Brown,
Past Chair

Academic Affairs Randall Library 910.962.3690