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Travel News Chrome River Year End Deadlines 

  • All AP Check Request and Travel Reimbursements/Payments must be submitted and approved in Chrome River by June 15th
  • All Visa Travel Card Transactions posted by Bank of America by June 21st will be charged to this years funds
  • All Agency Airfare, Enterprise, and Local Hotel charges that are posted by Bank Of America by June 21st will be charged to this years funds
  • All of the Travel Visa Credit Card transactions will need to be added to an expense report in Chrome River and submitted/approved by June 22nd


Coming February 19th EHI Direct

Coming February 19th Enterprise Rental Car Agency will be launching a new booking tool called EHI Direct.  Travelers should be receiving emails within the next week inviting them to set up their user name and password.

  • University employees wishing to rent a vehicle are required to create a user profile through a one-time invite to EHIDirect.
  • Frequent customers of the previous Enterprise reservation system will automatically receive an EHIDirect email invitation to enroll within 24 hours of this notification. Do Not Register for Free online.
  • The EHIDirect email will ask you to follow a link to create a profile username and password
  • Once you have a profile established under UNCW, you are ready to book reservations through EHIDirect. 

Please note, the EHIDirect system is to be used for vehicle rental reservations only; employees who are traveling for University business purposes should not utilize the flight or hotel reservation functions in EHIDirect.

EHIDirect will be hosting several webinars to train UNCW employees on using the new site. We encourage all employees to participate to become acquainted with the new reservation system. Additional sessions will be added as needed. 

For questions or assistance with using EHIDirect, contact the EHI Direct Help Desk at 855-573-0012 or UNCW’s Account Manager , Nina Gladysiewski is also to assist at

Webinar Dates:

Wednesday   February 7th  

9:00   am – 9:30 am

Thursday   February 8th  

4:00   pm – 4:30 pm

Tuesday   February 13th  

11:00   am – 11:30 am

Thursday   February 15th  

2:00   pm – 2:30 pm

New Meal Per Diem Policy Effective January 1, 2018

Per the NC Office of State Budget and Management the per diem policy has been changed beginning January 1, 2018.  For day trips no meals will be allowed to be claimed for reimbursement.  To receive reimbursement for meals the trip must include overnight travel and be more than 35 miles from your duty station.  On the day that you leave for an overnight trip the lunch time has changed.  Now if you leave by noon for an overnight trip you will be eligible to claim lunch. Please contact the Chrome River Team if you have any questions.

New Change in Personal Mileage Rate Effective January 1, 2018

Per the NC Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) for travel beginning January 1, 2018, personal mileage will be reimbursed as follows: 

If a state employee(any traveler) chooses to use a personal vehicle, actual mileage is reimbursable. Mileage is measured from the closer of duty station or point of departure to destination (and return). A state employee (any traveler) shall be reimbursed the business standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service (54.5  cents per mile effective January 1, 2018) when using their personal vehicle for state business when the round trip does not exceed 100 miles per trip. However, if a state employee chooses to use a personal vehicle when the round trip exceeds 100 miles per trip, the traveler will be reimbursed at the 33 cents per mile for the entire mileage. 

It is the intent of the State that state employee travel shall be conducted in the most efficient manner and at the lowest and most reasonable cost to the state. With regard to passenger vehicle travel, whether in or out of state, agency travel policies shall:

  • Maximize utilization of state owned vehicles 
  • Make use of State term contracts for short term rentals (State Term Contract 975B Vehicle Rental Services), and
  • Reimburse for use of personal vehicles on a limited basis.


Chrome River Information

Travel Rate Change Effective July 1, 2017

Per the Office of State Budget and Management maximum reimbursable subsistence payments for state employees' in-state and out-of-state travel have been revised effective July 1, 2017

The following list details the new rates of subsistence per day for travel related expenses.

In State Out Of State

Chrome River Training

Sign up now for training on the new travel and expense system that will go live in July.  Below is a list of training dates.  To register for a training class log into the Finance Training System since seats are limited for each class. Click here  to register for the time that you would like to attend training.  If you have any questions please contact Laura Gore at or Susan Suits at

Date Time Location
Feb 21st 8:00 - 12:00 Hoggard 249
March 22nd 8:00 - 12:00 Hoggard 249

Change in Third Party Lodging

There has been a change in Third Party Lodging. OSBM now considers all campgrounds and campsites including National and State Parks as Third Party Lodging, regardless if under the state rate. Airbnb is also considered Third Party Lodging by OSBM. Third Party Lodging refers to establishments that are being rented out by a third party or an establishment treated as an apartment building by state or local law. Third Party Lodging Requests must be submitted and approved before the trip begins. If submitted after the fact, there is a risk that the Third Party Lodging Request would not be approved by OSBM, therefore we would not be able to reimburse for that lodging


Local Hotels Process

Beginning January 11, 2016 the Travel Office implemented a new process for local hotel expenses for our out of town guests!

In the past departments entered Purchase Orders in uShop when making reservations for local hotel rooms and pay for the room via check request to the hotel or reimbursement to the traveler. Now the Travel Office will give approval to the hotel directly to charge the room and tax on an assigned credit card. All the dept needs to do is contact the hotel to make the arrangements, complete a Paper Travel Authorization form, have the Budget Authority sign and submit it to the Travel Office. The traveler does not need to sign the travel authorization for the lodging!

For your convenience we have created a new page called Local Hotels on the main page of the Travel website. Here you will find a listing of the hotels participating in this new program. This web page includes contact information, pricing and amenities for each hotel in our area.

Below are the steps for the Local Hotel procedure:

  • Department contacts hotel to make arrangements for guest staying at hotel
  • Department completes the following sections on the Paper Travel Authorization form for the lodging:
    • Travelers information (top half of the form)
    • Hotel Name
    • Total Cost for room and tax (upgrades, Internet and other amenities are not allowed as with all lodging)
    • Dates of reservation
    • Fund and Account
    • Budget Authority Signature
  • Department brings the Paper Travel Authorization Form to Sandy Gladden in the Travel Office or e-mail it to her at (gladdens)
  • Sandy reviews the form and then provides the hotel with the authorization for payment. Only room rate and tax are included
  • When the guest checks out of the hotel, the portfolio/receipt will be e-mailed to the Travel Office.

For any questions please contact Laura Gore at or Sandy Gladden at

Register Now for Travel Cardholder Training!

To learn about your responsibilities as a Travel Card Admin, you can sign up for one of the Travel Card Admin classes offered by the Travel Office. Or, if you are a Travel Cardholder, you can sign up for a class on how to use the Travel Card and what it can be used to purchase. All Card Holders and Card Admins must attend Travel Card Training before the card will be issued to the Card Holder.

To register for the Card Holder and Card Admin training session, please follow instructions found here. This link will bring you to the Finance Training registration site