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What is a Peer Mentor?

A Peer Mentor (PM) is an undergraduate student who leads a group of approximately 15 - 20 New or transfer students throughout their first and second year experience at UNC Wilmington. The Peer Mentor Relationship begins during the orientation and ends at Graduation.

The primary mission of the Peer Mentor Program is to ease the transition of new students to UNC Wilmington so that they may succeed academically, personally and socially. Additionally, the program helps each new student connect with other peers, an upper-class mentor, and ultimately, the institution as a whole.

Peer Mentors are compensated with meals during training, a small stipend, and the satisfaction of serving the UNCW community while engaging in extensive leadership training.

Objectives of the Peer Mentor Program:

  • To acquaint each new and transfer student with UNCW -its structure, services, and unique personality;

  • To help new students connect with other peers and at least one upper-class student in a meaningful, positive way;

  • To assist the student in personal assessment of his/her abilities and support their transition and experience at UNCW academically, socially, and personally;

  • To promote attendance at extra-curricular and co-curricular academic, social, and cultural events;

  • To promote participation in meaningful campus activities.