Web Publishing at UNCW

Online Cascade Training

Welcome to the online Cascade Training! The training is a self-guided, "go at your own pace," with short videos that you can watch and replay. Please take the training using a firefox browser for consistency with the videos. Cascade does work in all browswers, however Firefox is the preferred browser.

Step 1: Download the Files

  1. Download and unzip these files to work with for the training.
  2. Watch the video on how to do this here.

Step 2: Login to Cascade 

  1. Login to Cascade: https://uncw.edu/cascade 
  2. Please login with your UNCW username (without the @uncw.edu) and password

Step 3: Learn how to Navigate Cascade

  1. Site List Explanation
  2. The Asset Tree
  3. The Dashboard
  4. The Menu Bar

Step 4: The Templates Explained

  1. Learn the Template Elements
  2. Editing the Template Elements

Step 5: Uploading, Editing, & Creating Assets

  1. Uploading an Image
  2. Editing an Image to use for a Banner
  3. Creating a Folder
  4. Upload a Document (PDF) 

Step 6: Editing Pre-existing Pages

  1. Adding a Banner Photo, Applying Headers, & Adding a hyperlink to a PDF
    Or watch these videos separately (coming soon).
    1. Adding a Banner Photo
    2. Applying Headers
    3. Adding a hyperlink (to a PDF)

Step 7: Publishing

  1. Training Site Publishing
  2. Live UNCW Site Publishing

Step 8: Uploading Assets (One More Time for Practice!)

  1. Upload an Image
    Other helpful videos:
  2. Editing an Image to be used in the Main Content Section
  3. Upload a PDF

Step 9: Main Content Images & Word Wrap

  1. Add an Image to Main Content Area & Turn on Word Wrap
    Other helpful videos:
  2. Linking a PDF to an Image
    Also includes using italics & updating "Page Maintained by"

Step 10: Publish Final Edits (One More Time for Practice!)

  1. Training Site Publishing
  2. Live UNCW Site Publishing