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Wordmark Use Guidelines 

Giving Flight to Imagination is a secondary university mark which reinforces the priorities and ideals expressed by Chancellor Jose Sartarelli during his installation speech and reflects on the majestic nature of our mascot, the seahawk.

The wording encourages our university community to aspire to even higher goals in the years to come. In the words of Chancellor Sartarelli, “Let’s imagine a better world for our students, faculty and staff. Let’s imagine more opportunities for our campus and our community. Let’s imagine a UNC Wilmington of tomorrow that does honor to North Carolina.”

The graphic can be used as a secondary mark. It cannot be used as a replacement for or in competition with the UNCW house logo, which has reflected the university’s strong brand for more than 25 years.

The Giving Flight to Imagination mark is to be used without modification or additions and cannot be integrated into other marks. Do not use it in close proximity to other logos, including the UNCW house logo. Any manipulation or alteration is strictly prohibited. Graphic filters, such as drop shadows, bevels, 3-D effects, etc., cannot be applied to the wordmark.


Giving Flight to Imagination wordmark in stacked format

Giving Flight to Imagination horizontal format