Web Publishing at UNCW

Website Support

The Web Team provides support for the following situations.
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  • Official Website (uncw.edu) Permissions

    The director, chair, or current web content manager may request website permissions for a departmental site on the main web domain (uncw.edu) uncwweb server for a faculty/staff member or a graduate student.

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  • Website Creation/Redesign/Redirects for UNCW Official Websites

    UNCW provides space on the main web domain (uncw.edu; uncwweb server) for constituent groups such as units, departments and programs. This website is considered an official publication of UNCW and is managed jointly by ITS and the Office of University Relations. If you already have an official website you may request a site redesign or redirect by submitting this form for Office of University Relations.

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  • Google Analytics

    ITS Web Team provides Google Analytic Reports for every official UNCW (uncw.edu) website upon request. Users must specify the time frame they wish the report to cover. The report is then sent to them in a PDF. Additionally, Cascade provides basic Google Anayltics.

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  • Website Support/Troubleshooting/Add-Ons

    The ITS Web Team will provide support and troubleshooting assistance as well as integrate add-ons such as search bars, FAQ accordions, slideshows, Facebook and twitter embeds, etc., for UNCW affiliated web sites.
    The ITS Web Team also offers limited support for personal (fac/staff) websites (people.uncw.edu) and student org websites (student.uncw.edu/org/).

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  • Student Org Web Folder Permissions/Creation (student.uncw.edu)

    ITS works with CAIC to provide web space on the student web domain (student.uncw.edu/org/). The president of a registered UNCW Student Organization may request for an officer to have access to their student org web folder or they may request to have a web folder created for their Student Org.

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  • Personal (fac/staff) Web Folder Permissions (people.uncw.edu)

    A faculty or staff member may request for a student or other faculty/staff member to have access to their personal web folder.

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  • Personal (fac/staff) Web Folder Creation (people.uncw.edu)

    UNCW provides web space on our people web domain (people.uncw.edu). If the faculty or staff member wishes to have a website affiliated with UNCW then they may request this service.

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