Aquaculture Program

Economics & Marketing

Fish from pilot production trials are sold to wholesale and retail establishments on the eastern US seaboard to identify high-value niche markets and to determine premium market demand (price-quantity relationships) for cultured product. Based on these data, profitability of commercial-scale marine finfish aquaculture using RAS technology is evaluated and economic models developed to identify critical areas for research and to aid potential investors. If warranted, commercial demonstration ("learn by doing") projects are implemented in direct cooperation with selected commercial practitioners to provide a firm technical and marketing foundation for expanded commercial production.

Tyler Gibson in grow out tank gathering black sea bass in holding net Harvested black sea bass Harvesting black sea bass from grow out tanks Robert Farnell nets black sea bass for harvest
Black sea bass on ice for seafood market Atlantic Seafood truck logo day of harvest Weighing black sea bass at Atlantic Seafood Tyler Gibson, Robert Farnell, and Matt Dawson chill black sea bass in bins
Outside of S Mart, an asian market where UNCW flounder were marketed Southern Flounder harvested from UNCW in asian market in Raleigh, NC

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