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Chancellor Sartarelli talking at the CIE.
´╗┐Karl Ricanek receives 2016 entrepreneurship award.

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The Bunker Labs EPIC Program at the CIE

Throughout the months of January, February, and early March, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is acting as host to a breakout section of the Raleigh-based Bunker Labs business acceleration program. The program, known as Bunker Labs EPIC—the Entrepreneurial Program for Innovation and Collaboration—is a ten-week course with three-hour sessions that cover the building blocks of business creation.

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Friday Feature: Dr. Debbie Powell and the Revolution of Teaching Writing

“Ten or fifteen years ago,” Dr. Debbie Powell explains, “I watched undergraduate students who were tutoring children during my methods class. And I wanted them to improve that tutoring by assessing their students very early in the experience.”

This was the beginning of Uni-SPIRE, although the company itself has only existed since 2011.


New Directions for the CIE: Marine Science, Technology, and Media Production

Since her first day at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in June, director Diane Durance has worked to establish a concrete direction for the CIE in the near and far future: a set of goals to move toward and focus on. As 2017 opens into a new year of possibilities, she discusses that direction—or, more accurately, three directions.


CIE Workshop Series: Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

Thursday, February 23rd

8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Attend this workshop if you are ready for a step-by-step plan to accelerate and measure your social media marketing efforts!

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp is a four-hour workshop designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and social community managers to learn how to effectively use social media and Internet search.

Free for members; $15 for nonmembers. Register at this link.


Graduate Student Mixer

5:00 - 8:00 PM

No registration required.