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Chancellor Sartarelli talking at the CIE.
´╗┐Karl Ricanek receives 2016 entrepreneurship award.

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Sarah Ritter and Sammy C Hawk

Friday Feature: Sarah Ritter and Digital Learning

Sarah Ritter came to UNCW knowing that she wanted to create a startup. The hardest part was figuring out what, exactly, she wanted to do. 

“Turnip Learning evolved from this idea to make online learning more entertaining and engaging,” Ritter said. “I really like this idea of project-based, applied learning classrooms. I wanted to build a software platform that allows teachers to create and share entertaining content, so that in the classroom time, they can do projects that pair with that.”

UNCW, 3 Day Startup, and You

UNCW, 3 Day Startup & You

3 Day Startup is the largest program that the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is putting on this fall—so what is it?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. “A 72-hour learning-by-doing campus workshop that teaches entrepreneurial skills to university students in an extreme hands-on environment.”

Social Entrepreneurship

What is Social Entrepreneurship? Discovery Forum, Special Pedals, and the Greater Good

What is social entrepreneurship?

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship describes it as an endeavor that “achieves large scale, systemic, and sustainable social change through a new invention, a different approach, a more rigorous application of known technologies or strategies, or a combination of these.”

Basically, it’s entrepreneurship for the greater good.


Deadline to submit for Institute for Emerging Issues Discovery Form is Tuesday, September 20th!

We will be hosting the Wilmington Discovery Forum brought to you by the NC State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues and BB&T. Ten teams will have five minutes to pitch their ideas and the audience will vote for their favorite pitches. The three top teams will be invited to an intensive leadership development weekend and a chance to compete for $10,000.

To apply and register, visit www.emergingissues.org/df


Deadline to apply for 3 Day Startup is quickly approaching!

3 Day Startup is a 72-hour, learning-by-doing campus workshop that teaches entrepreneurial skills to university students in an extreme hands-on environment. Students will meet for a bootcamp prior to the program date to be introduced to key entrepreneurship principles and best practices to maximize this experience. From the moment participants arrive – with or without startup ideas – facilitators will lead groups through their business development, customer discovery, and the execution process, leading into final pitches/demos to an esteemed panel of mentors and investors.

Apply online today at http://uncw.3daystartup.org/