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Bermuda Field Course 2013 :: Daily Report

Day 01 | Thursday, February 28, 2013
Travel to Bermuda and arrival at Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Today was the official kick-off for our BIO 480 Bermuda Field Course. This trip is collaboration between 8 students from UNC-Wilmington and 31 UK students from the University of Southampton.

After a short separation, all of us met up in Philadelphia and flew together to Bermuda! We are all housed and studying at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) located on St. Georges, which is right across from the airport. Once we were settled in, we explored the BIOS grounds, including the nearby “Concrete Beach.” After dinner, the Brits arrived and we mingled before taking an early night in preparation for our orientation in the morning!

A few highlights of the day included an epic Go-Fish card game in the Philly airport, Chelsea and Greg getting their first stamps in their passports, exploring the BIOS grounds and finding our “secret spot,” playing footbol with some of the scientists, Dr. Szmant explaining the plot of The Little Mermaid to Dr. Taylor, discussing the hermaphroditic life history of clownfish in relation to Finding Nemo, dance lessons in the common room and mingling with the UK students.

We are all looking forward to our adventures for the next 10 days!

headed off to bermuda!

Headed off to Bermuda!

flying over the ocean

Flying over the ocean!

exploring the BIOS grounds

Exploring the BIOS grounds

welcome to BIOS

Welcome to BIOS

misty and chelsea enjoying late night dance lessons

Misty and Chelsea enjoying late-night dance lessons

greg and chelsea celebrating their first stamps!!!

Greg and Chelsea celebration their first stamps!!!

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