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Bermuda Field Course 2013 :: Daily Report

Day 02 | Friday, March 01, 2013
Shakedown Snorkeling on Fish and Chips Friday

The day started with waffles, eggs, and pound cake at precisely 7:45am. UNCW and Southampton students met up for a safety briefing and grounds tour, where we saw a lionfish. Afterwards, JP Skinner, a local Bermudian and BIOS educator, taught us about the historical geology and settlement of Bermuda. Then it was off to lunch for fish and chips, and other fried assortments. We gathered our gear and took a short walk to Whalebone Bay, against howling winds that almost blew us off of the rock. In pairs of more and less experienced snorkelers, we explored Whalebone Bay to test out our snorkeling gear. There, we saw lots of sea cucumbers, but not much else. We came back and got cleaned up for dinner, which had a well-mixed group of UNCW and Southampton students. After dinner, we reconvened for a discussion about tomorrow’s activities. We separated into smaller groups, based on our research interests, and we designed methods of observation for the mangrove ecology of Walsingham Pond. Then we finished the night off in a more relaxed setting by the Ferry Reach canalside.

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