Coping with Sexual Assault

UNCW strives to support the families who have have been impacted by a sexual assault. Below are tips for parents of sexual assault victims, parents of students accused of sexual misconduct and parents who want to help their student support a victim of sexual assault.

Parents of Sexual Assault Victims

If your daughter or son confides in you that she/he has been sexually assaulted, you may experience a number of conflicting emotions, including many explained at

Parents of Students Accused of Sexual Assault

If you learn that your son/daughter has been accused of sexual misconduct under the UNCW Code of Student Life, contact the Office of the Dean of Students to access resources for your child and to talk about how you can best support your student through a difficult experience.

You can also contact the UNCW Collaboration for Assault Response & Education (CARE) office at 910.962.CARE (2273).

Help Students Help a Victim of Assault

The above information can also be useful in cases where you are supporting your student who is attempting to help a friend who has been assaulted.Your student may feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated or helpless in this situation. You can further be helpful by:

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